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Re: Oh, I do like to be ... Part 1
« Reply #15 on: Sat 29 May 2021 13:37 »
Well done, Stickwhistler. That completes the set! Rex was Rex Spittle from Caistor.

By way of explanation, Happisburgh is pronounced Haze-bruh. Number 1 Tom (Nield) used to live in North Walsham.

Thanks to all who took part, sober or not.
As it's quiet.  My pharologist BLFG on being told the clue and that there was an associated lighthouse immediately said "Mull of Kintyre".  Of course being told that it was not Scottish and given that the angles of approach would have involved getting very wet, that obviously that wasn't the case.  It did lead me to ask whether she had her copy of "The British Lighthouse Trail" by Sarah Kerr.

A few years ago we decided to mount an expedition to St Kilda. Having been beaten by the weather in the previous year, we gave ourselves nine days on the wonderful Isle of Harris to hopefully get a suitable day to make the trip.  I the end we managed it on the first day and so had the remaining days to explore.  It so happened that staying at the same guest house in Leverburgh was a man who was organising trips to some of the more difficult islands to reach for a group of around 70 serious "island baggers" who were staying all over Harris.  He told us that he had a trip going to Tarantsay and Scarp with a couple of spare places.  On arriving at Scarp the serious "island baggers"who insisted that they had to reach the highest point of the island to claim it were dropped at one end of the island which involved wading ashore.  Three of us went to the other end of the island where there were a couple of summer inhabited houses and a normal landing spot. 

The third person was Sarah Kerr and she told us that she had taken time off from her job in London to visit all the British Lighthouses and that she was having a book published about her experiences.  She told us that she met her future husband at the Cape Wrath lighthouse - he was a Highland Ranger and one of the island bagging enthusiasts.

Looking through the list of lighthouses I simple skimmed over Happisburgh, never guessing its possible pronunciation.

Our holiday was made complete when we also managed to get to the fabulous Mingulay - along with a man and his 80+ year old mother who were taking advantage of a good weather window to spend a couple of nights camping on the island.
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