Author Topic: Interview with MTK coach, Giovanni Costantino  (Read 62 times)

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Interview with MTK coach, Giovanni Costantino
« on: Wed 25 Aug 2021 13:37 »

I come from a refereeing background so for me I like seeing a coach who lets their emotions show but is also respectful towards referees. What are your views on referees and VAR?

I don’t see any reason to disrespect referees.  They are part of us, they are part of the game and we cannot have the game without them. There can be referee mistakes, I will make mistakes as a coach, my players will make mistakes, we are all human. I would not abuse one of my players for making a mistake so why would I do so to a referee? I want to build up a good relationship with them, I want them to respect me as a coach, to do this I must also respect them.  I would like to be able to say to a referee, can you explain that decision to me, in a calm and polite way and for them to say, this is why I called it, it might be some reason I didn’t see or know. Even if they said to me, sorry coach I missed that foul, that is fine to me, it happens. I don’t want to be told to shut up or go away, I want to learn and understand.  You see this at the top level, in International matches, where they will discuss a decision with you and explain the reason for it and I would like to see that here as well.

I am pleased we have VAR now. I think it is good, it can help the referees to make the right decisions. I would rather wait for a few minutes and have the correct decision on the pitch, it is for the big decisions, the decisions that change the course for a game. I try to not get frustrated if it takes a long time because I know at the end of the time the decision will be correct. Sometimes it can be long, other times it can be quick, I would like to see it being quicker all of the time but getting the decision right is more important than the time it takes.
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