Author Topic: Sat 13th Wed 17th FEB 2021  (Read 3726 times)

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Re: Sat 13th Wed 17th FEB 2021
« on: Thu 11 Feb 2021 15:38 »
I wonder if Tierney has a Europa League tie imminent with the team appointed?

After no group stage game in the EL this season and only one previously I think it would be a surprise if he gets a knockout match, I wonder has that happened before with a referee directly appointed in the knockout rounds? Would be interesting if he is appointed.

Unless I missed something, Tierney is classified as 2nd Group in UEFA. EL32 will only see Elite and 1st Group referees.

Given the current circumstances I wonder if they will not adhere to this? Or perhaps he is a standby in case an appointed team of officials are suddenly withdrawn?