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Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Wed 12 May 2021 04:17 »
That leaves Langford for the final... 😁

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Mon 17th May 2021
AFC Bournemouth (First Team) v Brentford FC (First Team)
Football League Championship
Referee: Robinson, Tim
Assistant Referee: Cooper, Ian
Assistant Referee: Smith, Wade
Fourth Official: Whitestone, Dean
Reserve Assistant Referee: Venamore, Lee
Barnsley FC (First Team) v Swansea City FC (First Team)
Football League Championship 
Referee: Harrington, Tony
Assistant Referee: Hudson, Shaun
Assistant Referee: Wild, Richard
Fourth Official: Eltringham, Geoff
Reserve Assistant Referee: Howson, Akil
Sat 22nd May 2021
Brentford FC (First Team) v AFC Bournemouth (First Team)
Football League Championship 
Referee: Gillett, Jarred
Assistant Referee: Dermott, Philip
Assistant Referee: Hyde, Robert
Fourth Official: Linington, James
Reserve Assistant Referee: Waters, Adrian
Swansea City FC (First Team) v Barnsley FC (First Team)
Football League Championship 
Referee: Brooks, John
Assistant Referee: Greenhalgh, Nick
Assistant Referee: Jones, Matthew
Fourth Official: Donohue, Matthew
Reserve Assistant Referee: Leach, Daniel
Interesting to see change of policy in using SG2 referees for both legs. Guess it tells us who is well thought of at that level. Personally I think Championship play-offs should go to SG1 officials though. There's an awful lot riding on them.

We have SG2 for a reason you know. Whats the point in having them if we don't trust them

The point of SG2 is to try and improve the standard of officiating in more of the games not covered by SG1, although I am not sure that has happened. It is not a case of not trusting SG2, but the general principle is that SG1 referees should be the best in the country. I remember Keith Stroud making an awful decision in the Championship play-offs last season. It could have happened to anyone of course but you'd generally expect a better performance level the higher up you go. I remember Anthony Taylor was superb in Leeds V Derby a few years ago.
SG1 officials were used for all the relegation games on Saturday in Championship, so why not promotion? I think it is reasonable to hold the play-offs in the same regard as a league fixture in the above division which the teams are trying to reach - hence SG2 referees generally doing League 1 play-offs competing for Championship and SG1 normally doing Championship competing for PL.
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