Author Topic: Fri 12th – Wed 17th MAR 2021  (Read 3044 times)

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Re: Fri 12th – Wed 17th MAR 2021
« Reply #15 on: Wed 17 Mar 2021 18:47 »
Mr Langford sent both managers off after a fracas late on last night.No more info.......

That’s not good news for Colin... two investigations now for him!

I would love to know where this comes from because Mr Warnock wasn't sent off last night


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Re: Fri 12th – Wed 17th MAR 2021
« Reply #16 on: Thu 18 Mar 2021 10:43 »
 Jevontheref,please see my second post.First in error.

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Re: Fri 12th – Wed 17th MAR 2021
« Reply #17 on: Fri 19 Mar 2021 19:09 »
Good to see hicks with a game!

I think the SG2 is in need of a shake up. There’s a couple I would promote to SG1 and a couple I would demote. There’s a few I would “move on” altogether. Needs some new blood

Would be interesting to see who you have in mind for promotion, demotion and oblivion ajb95. Are you prepared to share?
Won't happen, but from what I've seen, this is what I would do:

Promote to SG1:
Jarred Gillet
Tim Robinson
David Webb

Relegate to SG2:
David Coote
Jon Moss

Relegate to NL:
Geoff Eltringham
Andy Woolmer

Promote to SG1 - I wouldn't disagree with Jarred Gillett and Tim Robinson. However David Webb has had a rocky patch recently and I would put Darren Bond in front of him in the pecking order.

Relegate to SG2 - absolutely not. I can't think who I would demote but it would not be Coote and Moss. Lee Mason would be a more obvious candidate, but he was having a steady season until recently, as have Scott and Hooper when they've been given outings on the PL.

Relegate to NL - again, absolutely not. Geoff Eltringham is another who has had a steady season and, despite his age, Woolmer has been OK as well. James Adcock has already dropped from SG2 to NL in view of his injury problems, and Scott Duncan seems to have gone altogether; also Andy Davis seems to have disappeared off the scene, so I don't think they will be looking to 'relegate' anyone else any time soon.     

I must have put a curse on Darren Bond as his handling of Wycombe v Barnsley looked v questionable. And his lockdown hairstyle..... absolutely dreadful ;D