Author Topic: Final League Matches – Sat 8th May 2021  (Read 2341 times)

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Re: Final League Matches – Sat 8th May 2021
« on: Tue 04 May 2021 19:53 »
No surprise to see the Wirral card shark on the relegation clash. Let’s hope he’s in a good mood  ;D

It won't be a relegation clash if Rotherham win tonight, it will be pretty much a dead rubber.
If rotherham win tonight, big if on present form, and lose heavily at cardiff on sunday then it could be a three way shoot out, that would make life interesting.

They would have to lose very heavily on that final day.  They already have a 5 goal advantage on Wednesday and 6 on Derby, but they have also scored more so essentially that means it is a 6 and 7 goal lead.  Win tonight and that becomes 7 and 8, and I can't remember a situation where a 7 or 8 goal difference swing has happened on the last game of the season.  Added to that Derby and Wednesday's forwards are incapable of hitting a cow's arse with a banjo and are amongst the lowest scorers in the division, 3 points tonight for Rovrum means it is all over unfortunately.