Author Topic: Saracens - falling foul of salary cap  (Read 144 times)

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Re: Saracens - falling foul of salary cap
« on: Wed 06 Nov 2019 16:33 »
Assuming the salary cap has not been "hiked" I cannot think that Saracens have cut their playing squad back for this season. Are they in breach again?
With contracts signed it would be hard to sack any players or get them to take a cut at this stage.
As an Exeter fan I disagree with our Chairmans call for automatic relegation but would like to see the playing field as level as we thought it was
Probably true about this season, I would think.  I can see where the Exeter Chairman is coming from though.  There's no point at all in having a salary cap unless all Clubs comply so that those who don't must face the most serious of consequences, not just to punish them but to deter any others who might think they could get away with it.