Author Topic: Leicester Tigers vs Exeter Chiefs  (Read 125 times)

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Leicester Tigers vs Exeter Chiefs
« on: Sat 18 Sep 2021 17:56 »
A new season, a chance to get back into grounds, full of optimism.
That lasted about 7 minutes as Tigers stormed out the blocks, first to every break down, pushing back in tackles, exploiting any luck they got/earnt. They were very good indeed. Exeter were a shadow, some good moments and some momentum shifters.
The officiating team, led by Ian Tempest, were average at best, random decisions, some very blatant missed forward passes/feet in touch.
After Leicester got into a lead, Exeter came back, built up a head of steam, attacked through midfield. Player was held up (possibly), play was brought to ground by Leicester players and then stripped on the floor.
Leicester crowd thought it was a maul (so was collapsed), we thought it was a tackle so illegally stripped, came continued until AR McDonald  intervened, penalty awarded. Tempest went over, had a chat, over ruled AR awarded Leicester scrum. Scrum penalty (correct), line out drive, 2 mis passes, Leicester scored.
I wont go on as we didnt deserve to win, was a rude awakening to how tough this season will be.
Great atmosphere, lovely to be amongst fans again, roll on the next one.

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