Author Topic: Glasgow and Exeter vs The Fog  (Read 124 times)

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Glasgow and Exeter vs The Fog
« on: Sun 19 Dec 2021 13:06 »
To be fair was one of the most sureal sporting events I have been to. The Glasgow crowd were great, some very witty comments.
Bottom line Glasgow wanted it more, rode their luck and dominated.
I will need to watch the game back to comment on Andrew Brace's performance in detail. From what I did see, he did well. I will be interested to hear what was going on at scrumtime as these seemed to take ages and eventually Glasgow had convinced him they were the dominant side.
Worrying times for Exeter, very one dimensional, look devoid of ideas at half backs and the marquee players are just not getting the ball they need.
Thank you Glasgow for a bitter-sweet experience.

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