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Re: George Clancy
« on: Fri 06 Nov 2020 16:54 »
Over the years Ireland has produced some outstandingly excellent Rugby Union referees. George Clancy's name will not find a place in that illustrious group. A journeyman referee who, to my way of thinking, used to receive far better appointments than his performances deserved. However, over the past few years i think the Rugby authorities rather saw through him a bit more and he didn't get the international fixtures he once did.

Clancy has the deserved reputation of being extremely affable and very good company and I suspect this, rather than his purely technical ability, may have helped further his progression when Rugby was a much more social game than it is now.

Good luck to him in his future endeavours and profession.

Well put Whistleblower. In the interview which RCG pointed us to I think it confirms what a decent sort of person he is but, as you say, he will not linger long when folk recall the outstanding Irish refs of yesteryear such as Alain Rolland, John West, Stephen Hilditch and Owen Doyle.