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Re: Champions Cup Final
« on: Mon 19 Oct 2020 15:56 »
Probably one of the most difficult recent finals to referee: Racing were always playing catch-up & their fly-half made too many critical errors leading directly to Exeter scores. That written, Racing matched Exeter & towards the end of the 2nd half Racing missed their chances to take advantage of Exeter having a player sin-binned. Had Racing won, I don't think Exeter could have quibbled. Racing will probably argue about a couple of Nigel's decisions but nobody can accuse Nigel of not being crystal-clear (although his French speaking skills could be improved!).

It's quite interesting to see how quickly the professional rugby union players complain about deliberate knock-ons but, generally, accept that head/neck collisions around tackles & breakdowns (especially collapsed rucks & mauls) are part of their game. Sometimes slow motion replays make things look worse. There were times in both halves when I wished RU would follow RL and turn the clock off between a scrum being awarded and the scrum-half putting the ball in - too many resets. 

C4's commentators were very good, especially as they were usually silent whilst Nigel was explaining. The best referees are usually the best communicators (which includes listening!). 
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