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Re: International Cricket Appointments
« Reply #15 on: Sun 14 Apr 2019 19:59 »
The match officials have been announced for the upcoming ICC world cricket league division 2 tournament to be held in Namibia between 20th and 27th April. It is a viral tournament as the top 4 teams will be awarded ODI status, and the finishing positions will determine which pathway each team will have to take to qualify for the 2023 World Cup

Tournament referee - Gerhardus Pineaar (South Africa)

Umpire mentor - Langton Rusere (Zimbabwe)


Claude Thorburn (Namibia)
David Odhiambo (Kenya)
Ravi Amhara (Botswana)
Tabarak Dar (Hong Kong)
Huub Jansen (Netherlands)
Allan Haggo (Scotland)
Claire Polosak (Australia)
Alex Dowdalls (Scotland)