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Re: International Cricket Appointments
« Reply #270 on: Sun 10 Apr 2022 16:52 »

Confirmation from the icc board meetings that neutral officials will be returning to international cricket. Tests will have a neutral match referee and two neutral umpires, one on field and one as tv umpire. A home umpire will also be appointed by the icc to stand on field.

ODIs and T20Is will continue to have a full match official team provided from the home board.

Incidentally, Joel Wilson has also been appointed to the ICC cricket committee, suggesting he is unlikely to lose his elite panel place any time soon!

I'm amused by their comment "The Committee acknowledged that the performance of home umpires was strong and had not affected games." I would suggest the opposite, especially recently in WI and South Africa with the number of overturned decisions and complaints about sledging.