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Re: International Cricket Appointments
« Reply #165 on: Tue 16 Feb 2021 14:21 »
I havenít actually seen any of the second test, so canít particularly comment however, I thought Menon and Chaudhary were superb in match 1. Itís a shame to hear the team have had a challenging match in game 2.

The rest of the series poses some intriguing questions. If the plan is to appoint Indian umpires to all tests, I think it would be really unfair on Menon to have him stand in 4 back-to-back tests matches. Even umpires more experienced than he would find that incredibly challenging. If so, which two Indian umpires could stand together? Chaudhary and Shamshuddin? Or was it always the intention to have a neutral umpire in place for matches 3 & 4? If so, why not matches 1 & 2?

And to add further fuel on the fire, how the hell can neutral umpires travel for franchise leagues but not test cricket!?! Test cricket should be the pinnacle of the game, and I can see no reason for teams of umpires to travel staying in their own bubble. The officials during Englandís home summer stayed in the bubble throughout the series. How is that different to elite panel umpires travelling and staying in a bubble? All very bizarre, especially when Illingworth was allowed to travel to Bangladesh!
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