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Re: International Cricket Appointments
« Reply #165 on: Sat 13 Feb 2021 12:14 »
A bit of nightmare for Anil Chaudhary in the TV umpires chair today.

First of all the Rohit Sharma stumping, for me there was nothing behind the line. Having said that it was extremely close, can somewhat forgive Chaudhary for giving him not out on that occasion.

However the Rahane catch, well what a shocking decision. Inexplicable for him not to follow the footage all the way through, if he had he would have seen it clearly came off Rahaneís glove and he would have been out.

Fortunately for England, both decisions werenít that costly as both batsmen were dismissed soon after.

Unfortunately with home umpires, accusations of bias will come in regarding these decisions. Itís a shame I thought Chaudhary had a reasonable test debut on field in the first test, and Nitin Menon was outstanding in the first test match. Menon also let himself down today with poor decision to give Pant out caught behind, when there was clear daylight between bat and ball.

Hopefully just a one off bad day at the office for the umpires today!
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