Author Topic: British Lions Tour to South Africa 2021  (Read 272 times)

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Re: British Lions Tour to South Africa 2021
« on: Tue 08 Jun 2021 22:46 »
Interesting as I too thought Williams and Gardner had both performed well, although not disappointed in Berry, O'Keefe or Raynal.
Good experience for AJ Jacobs. Barnes inclusion as much to do with SA lacking strength in depth as anything else (plus who needs to see him ref Ire v Jap or Wal v Arg)
It was also going to be a tight call between the 4 in contention. Maybe as Gardner did the previous Lions tour, it was Berry's time. Or WR just didn't like the officiating at all in NZ which ruled them out. O Keefe has been around a bit longer, so WR probably rewards him with the tour.
The biggest surprise was Raynal's appointment - and a good one IMHO.
Still, all 3 are debutants and are WR's top officials for the future!
You are right with Barnes (nice few weeks away) - Absolutely agree with you in regards to depth in the SA ranks (a bit like the Australians a few years back), now it seems it's their time to struggle. WR obviously weren't fans of van der Westhuizen (who I actually rated) or Berry and Rastavenge it seems isn't really on the 15's radar for some reasons. Beyond AJ Jacobs, not a lot happening.
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