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Re: British Lions Tour to South Africa 2021
« on: Tue 08 Jun 2021 16:41 »
Well I'm surprised but pleasantly pleased with the appointments:
It shows that WR still have faith in Gauzere.
With Brousset in now as number 4 in France - Ruiz must have taken the defence job.
WR are not afraid to make some big calls picking Raynal who many would have said before was France's number 3 right to the top of the pecking order internationally!
And Berry who must be now Australia's number 1 in their eyes.
Feel for Williams & Gardner, they will get decent Summer appointments to make up for it.
Also interesting they have gone with Pickerill as TMO over Newman who specialises as TMO.
I guess the call in NZ had cost Poite his place this time round (even though it was Garces who initially spoke with Poite about the scrum). However, Poite should carry the can as his was with the whistle.
Great to see Barnes & Peyper out there officiating too - for me as they are not involved elsewhere at the moment suggests they are certs for the next RWC in France (bar any major issues).
Can't wait!!
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