Author Topic: Fernando Hernández in Qatar vs. El Salvador  (Read 76 times)

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Fernando Hernández in Qatar vs. El Salvador
« on: Mon 26 Jul 2021 17:27 »
Very good performance by this Gold Cup-debutant Mexican referee in an interesting QF match.

After Marco Rodríguez and Roberto García Orozco, Mexico really struggled for a genuine top class referee - César Ramos has way too many deficiencies as a (non-)charismatic leader on the FoP despite attending the last World Cup, even Asian Cup as guest, with weak performances. The others aren't very good either in my view (Guerrero, Ortíz, Escobedo).

So it seems in thirty-seven year old Hernández, they have their man. I don't expect him at the next WC though, unfortunately...

Some clips from this performance below:

10' - Challenge incident

11' - Accidental vs. VC?

48' - Potential SYC (challenge)

53' - Penalty given to Qatar (handling) + YC (SPA)

62' - Penalty area incident (charging)

66' - Fair challenge before goal?

71' - Challenge incident

74' - Penalty area incident (tripping)

88' - Penalty area incident (handling)

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