Author Topic: UEFA Nations League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 10193 times)

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New referee for me to watch.

I have press tickets for tonight and Thursday but the travel is just too nightmarish so have decided to watch M4 sports instead!

Schärer is considered the best Swiss referee and a future Elite. He is on the committee's radar since last year and had some important observers (Vassaras and Fandel).

I can see why he is highly regarded. Barely noticed him tonight. 2 big calls, pen shout for each team, neither given & I think he was correct with both. Fitness excellent, movement around the pitch excellent, man management superb, a few yellow cards, mostly for Hungarian players, that were correct calls imo. Good game to watch, even better result! Bring on the Ruskik!

PS He wore blue, which is always a bonus with Missy bmb and was also rather handsome!

Oliver to wear yellow next then haha.

He does suit yellow though!

The only things that suit yellow are a banana, melon, lemon, flowers and anything mother nature determined to use it for. That big yellow ball in the sky us southern softies often see is also fine! On anything man or machine made - it is not!

bmb --you need to go and sit in the stand at Norwich some time when you can---you may get used to it ------but don't upset the lmore ocals!  :D

At least you would be able to see a "nice" yellow, much better than say  Watford's yellow or Oxford's yellow  :)
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