Author Topic: UEFA Nations League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 10186 times)

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New referee for me to watch.

I have press tickets for tonight and Thursday but the travel is just too nightmarish so have decided to watch M4 sports instead!

Schärer is considered the best Swiss referee and a future Elite. He is on the committee's radar since last year and had some important observers (Vassaras and Fandel).

I can see why he is highly regarded. Barely noticed him tonight. 2 big calls, pen shout for each team, neither given & I think he was correct with both. Fitness excellent, movement around the pitch excellent, man management superb, a few yellow cards, mostly for Hungarian players, that were correct calls imo. Good game to watch, even better result! Bring on the Ruskik!

PS He wore blue, which is always a bonus with Missy bmb and was also rather handsome!

Oliver to wear yellow next then haha.

He does suit yellow though!
Referee's decision used to be final!