Author Topic: UEFA EURO 2020 - Qualifying Round  (Read 15111 times)

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Re: UEFA EURO 2020 - Qualifying Round
« Reply #135 on: Mon 09 Nov 2020 20:18 »
Hungary's game v Iceland is now behind closed doors.  It was a sell out crowd.  The MLSZ will be reimbursing all ticket costs.

I have a UEFA accredited press ticket but have been refused permission to travel. I expected that after being refused travel for the Fradi CL game.  I'm told though that only reporters & cameramen from M4 sports are going to be allowed into the stadium & everyone else has to use the M4 camera feeds to cover the game. One of the guys from Nemzeti Sport (the official national sports newspaper) has said they have been told by the MLSZ that they are not allowed entry either. M4 are very good about giving us all extra access including to interviews and pressers that aren't shown on TV.

I only really wanted to go as it meant I could sneak in as many as 36 hrs with Mr bmb!
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