Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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My comments earlier perhaps didn't fully reflect my position on Kovacs so just to clarify, I think his R16 appointment is deserved, I think he is a good referee with talent as I said but I do question if he is ready for EURO. Again I appreciate that he has ability but like you say bmb he is not the finished article.

4O and an early round appearance I think he would do well. Even I concede he is probably not yet ready for the latter stages. If nothing else I'd love to see him there even as "just" a 4O, the experience he would gain would be fantastic.  Didn't they do similar with Turpin at a recentish tournament? His development since has been superb. Good to see him & Hategan working together more, with one as referee and the other as 4O, I think they will both benefit from it.

Well thinking about it further assuming there are 18 refs attending I wonder which referees would push Kovacs out of that 18? I think it will be a tight call really, it is important to prime referees for future tournaments, Turpin attended EURO 2016 (probably being French helped) he did two group games I think and did very well, at the time he had done 5 CL games and no KO matches and look where he is now! So maybe it could indeed be a great springboard for Kovacs if he attends.

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