Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33495 times)

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Also I am not yet totally convinced by Kovacs, only 5 CL games so far (I think) and while I think he has talent and a good future I think maybe he lacks experience. I would be interested how others rate him?

I've been following him since his liga 2 days. For an ethnic Hungarian to rise the way he has in Romania is rare & a testament to the hard work put in by Kyros Vassaras and Alexandru Deaconu into ridding the referee department of xenophobia and enforcing true diversity and equal opportunities.  What they have achieved there cannot be underestimated. It is HUGE! His appointment is not a token one either, he has got there by a lot of hard work and as he has risen up the ranks with a lot of support from his fellow referees and the referee committees there. Hategan in particular has been very supportive. His brother Szabolcs has fairly recently made his Liga 1 debut and is another promising talent. Considering the standard of domestic football in Romania, and I do not mean that disrespectfully, it is a similar standard to Hungary/Serbia/Slovakia for any referee from those regions to go from refereeing in a domestic league akin to conference to top league 1/lower championship level to refereeing National teams is a huge leap in standards. Any referee achieving this has my respect. Domestically clubs are starting to accept him, again partially down to the 'kick it out' work of Kyros and Alex, fans however don't. He faces a horrendous barrage of abuse every single game just because he is ethnic Hungarian, the racial/xenophobic slurs chanted for 90 mins are sickening and it is a testament to his character how he copes with it and continues to work hard and keep improving. I felt physically sick watching him referee the Bucharest derby just prior to him being promoted to the elite category, the abuse was non stop and he was pelted with coins/lighters etc every time he was near a touchline. I don't need to speak Romanian to understand the slurs, I have been to enough Hungary v Romania national team games to know what they are and yes the Hungarian ultras are just as bad towards Romanians as the Romanians are to Hungarians! I hate it, I wish it would end & I fully support our President in the MLSZ who is trying to rid it on our side as well as Kyros & Alex's work to do so.  I'm a huge fan of Kovács, he's not the finished article, he continues to improve but I do think he is ready for the big stage. I was delighted when he was promoted.
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