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Incredible matches for both referees last night, very very challenging (particularly for Kuipers).

It would take a long time to write a full analysis and one finds themselves at a lose at where to start. Cakir with the incredible VAR sequence, Kuipers with an extremely challenging ET.

On the whole I think both did very very well. Technically some mistakes but to keep full control at all times is to their credit, I think many referees would have lost control of both matches, especially Juve - Porto in ET.

Looking at the big incidents in both games -

Cakir VAR sequence - I'd advise everyone to watch this, very complicated scenario lots of points to take from it. From the replays I saw no clear and obvious mistake to disallow the goal, but Cakir was shown some other angles it seemed. Clear PK for Dortmund before this, difficult to detect as Cakir was likely looking at the cross so correct to award a penalty here and disallow the goal after OFR IMO. Obviously the re take correct and I thought he handled the afters very well with two correct YC.

Maybe VAR Irrati could have avoided a lot of controversy by simply allowing the first goal or even better if he had intervened before the goal was scored to advise Cakir about the penalty. Tough choices though and technically I think he was totally correct.

Second penalty he awarded also correct IMO.

Kuipers - Porto penalty IMO quite soft but not wrong. For me no penalty but no way VAR should intervene. I think Juventus had a very good penalty claim when the goalkeeper challenged Ronaldo. For me this was a penalty but again probably not VAR stuff (but close). Finally the red card was fine for me and all other penalty claims were correctly judge IMO.

On the whole I think while they didn't get everything right both Cakir and Kuipers showed why, even in the twilight of their international careers, they are two of Europe's best, strong, composed and calm at all times.
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