Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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Just based on the previous appointments as well as gut instinct of what UEFA have done or might do, I think the following will all go as referees:

I think most of the elite group will be picked so quite a lot of countries will have two refs.
So that will be:
Both Taylor and Oliver
Brych & zwayer from Germany
Lahoz & cerro Grande from Spain
Cakir from turkey
Hategan from Romania
Skomina from Slovenia
Dutch couple Kuipers & Makkelie
Orsato for Italy
Marciniak from Poland
Soares Dias from Portugal
Grinfeeld from Israel
And Turpin from France

I think Frappart will be picked as a political decision rather than a sporting one. Last chance for Zwayer before Steiler is favourited. The rest of the elite group will go as 4ths
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