Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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I hope Hategan will be able to attend but issues relating to the Paris incident may persist and I believe he will need a new AR, as I assume the one involved will definitely be out?

Hategan is back domestically, for a while now, and doing just fine.  It was Sebi's last International match that night anyway so he was needing a new AR even without it happening.

Was Sebi not FO on that match? I thought Hategan's AR1 was also under scrutiny for the language he used.

You are of course right. Sebi was 4O not AR, my mistake. He's back refereeing domestically as well! Not sure if he will need a new AR but that's not a huge issue, Kassai & Clatts both changed their AR's easily enough when it was needed and I'm sure they're not the only ones.
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