Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33495 times)

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Has it been established how many Referees are likely to go to Euro 2020?  I had a figure of 18 in mind but could be completely wrong.

Kuipers and Makkelie I agree are a likely duo from 1 country.  Germany possibly with two referees but would the second choice be preferable to Oliver on merit if only Germany or England had 1 representative?  GingerReferee mentions all 3 elite from Spain but I really can't see that happening; two maybe.

France will have Turpin for sure although Stephanie Frappart would be an interesting (political?) choice if two were to go.

Edy can probably advise on whether the selection is made primarily to include referees from as many countries as possible within certain ranking criteria or is strictly on merit? 
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