Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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Where do we reckon we're at in terms of Euro 2020 referees?

Referees like Grinfeld seem to have progressed a bit further and might have a good chance now because of delay.

I think Netherlands will send two referees - are any others likely?

I think Oliver might miss out this time but Taylor has been refereeing extremely well recently.

For me both Oliver and Taylor to go as referees as they have both been great this season however i do agree Taylor has probably just edged it, so if only one can go then UEFA would send Taylor but imo both deserve to go.

I think Frappart and Turpin from France
Brych and Zwayer from Germany
Kuipers and Makkelie from Holland
Cakir from Turkey
Haetagen from Romania
Grindfield from Israel 
Jesus Gil, Del Cerro and Lahoz from Spain
and many more from different countires

A total scandal IMO if Zwayer goes to EURO, would be totally undeserved IMO.

I think Oliver and Taylor will probably both go but I agree if it is only one - it will be Taylor.

I hope Hategan will be able to attend but issues relating to the Paris incident may persist and I believe he will need a new AR, as I assume the one involved will definitely be out?

Skomina is an interesting case, some have suggested that due to injury Vincic may overtake him. I have never been that convinced by Vincic but if Skomina is injured maybe he will get in.