Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33495 times)

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Surprised at the lack of comments on what was a travesty of a decision against Rennes last night- the second penalty for handball. Itís not even close to being deliberate handball but to be sent off for second yellow is just despicable!

I wasn't too surprised the penalty was given under the current interpretation, but is it mandatory to YC for that offence in the penalty area? If it's not, I felt it was a very poor decision, especially if the referee realised it would mean a RC. There's also a suggestion the ball hit the player's foot initially which arguably would block the shot on goal if that was the criteria for a YC.

In the other games, didn't Brych have to review 2 penalty incidents, the first was given and then rescinded and the second only given after a review at the monitor?

Not seen any comments about Oliver other than he correctly awarded Barca a penalty after 5 minutes.