Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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The thing is different countries in the world are in a different stage and a 3-4 week lockdown is almost certainly not going to eradicate the virus altogether, so you'll still have it travelling around when you end it. Some countries will have very high rates now, some in a month, some not until January, so it's very difficult to make effective intervention everywhere all at once.

Yes they are BUT this is also partly what allows it to keep moving from country to country, imo. One starts to get it back under control, their borders open again and back it comes as people travel. That's why I think a co-ordinated lockdown will help.  Everywhere has it to some degree - stifle it, prevent it from keep moving.  Those who are less hit now may well be able to eradicate it altogether, those harder hit will have a chance to get it better under control but might need to lockdown for longer. I'm not an expert & not trying to pretend I am but it just seems logical to me.  Take away it's ability to travel anywhere & that surely contains it locally and prevents it from spreading. It just seems right now we are going in circles and chasing it around the world.

I'm willing to try anything right now!
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