Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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It is looking very grim right now, everywhere. I agree Reflector, the situation is deteriorating rapidly.

Our domestic league is being badly hit with games called off every week now. We have 1 team of referees (at least) who are in quarantine. Our borders have been closed again since the start of September, players and match officials travelling for games are amongst the exceptions.  We are still allowing full capacity for fans attendance but I can't see that going on for much longer as the numbers are continuing to rise. The stats are worse now than before we went into a full lockdown so I think a further full lockdown must be coming.

I also think Readingfan is right. Elite football will not close at least until the very last second.  Too much money involved for a start. Testing seems to vary between countries though - our players are tested every 36 hours but other countries it seems to be once/week 1-2 days before match day. Some countries have an effective test and trace system, others don't, some are allowing fans either % of capacity, others full capacity, others none. Some teams are self isolating for their protection, others aren't. Maybe FIFA or UEFA needs to step in and enforce the same rules and restrictions everywhere, regardless of the countries current position.

Personally I think the world leaders need to sit down & organise a full co-ordinated worldwide lockdown. Seems pointless to me one country locking down, then another at a different time, varied restrictions but some travel still allowed because the virus just keeps on travelling from 1 place to another and spreading. Lock the whole world down for 2-4 weeks at the same time. Zero travel. All borders closed. Full lockdowns. Take away the ability for it to spread and give each country a chance to heal those already infected. Bit extreme granted and I would hate it, I'm sure we all would but all the time movement is continuing around the world, it's going to keep spreading from country to country. Despite having residency I am not able to travel to Hungary right now, directly at least, fair enough, I understand why but I can fly to Serbia, catch a train from Belgrade to anywhere in Romania and then freely enter Hungary from Romania so what is the point in stopping me travelling there directly if I can get there a different way? If I can't get there directly I shouldn't be able to get there at all is my point. If I went the indirect route and I was covid positive I would potentially spread it to 2 other countries en route and completely defeat the purpose of the borders being closed! Alternatively I could leave here covid negative but could catch it in one of the countries en route and take it along with me from there. Personally I wouldn't travel that way but some people will. Those sort of loopholes need to be closed.  Just let me get to Hungary before it happens!

I miss Mr bmb - only seen him in person twice since the end of Feb/start of March :(
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