Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 33472 times)

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At the start of this season these formed UEFA's elite list. A combination of covid & injuries result in some newish names in CL. And Rosetti/Italy will want more than 1 Italian! Throw in the VAR requirements too (some countries don't have VAR in their domestic competition).
BLR Kulbakov Alexey
CZE Královec Pavel
ENG Oliver Michael & Taylor Anthony
ESP Del Cerro Grande Carlos & Gil Manzano Jesús & Mateu Lahoz Antonio Miguel
FRA Bastien Benoît & Turpin Clément
GER Aytekin Deniz & Brych Felix & Zwayer Felix
GRE Sidiropoulos Anastasios
ISR Grinfeeld Orel
ITA Orsato Daniele
NED Kuipers Bjorn & Makkelie Danny
POL Marciniak Szymon
POR Ribeiro Soares Dias Artur Manuel
ROU Hategan Ovidiu Alin & Kovacs Istvan
RUS Karasev Sergei
SCO Collum William
SVK Kruzliak Ivan
SVN Skomina Damir & Vinčić Slavko
TUR Çakır Cüneyt
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