Author Topic: UEFA Champions League 2020/2021 appointments  (Read 29982 times)

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A tough draw for Ferencvaros.

They’ll bank £13.61m for being in the group stage minimum.

Fradi were never going to get passed the group stage, the fact they made it there is just huge for Hungarian football in general. Glad I will get media accreditation for when Ronaldo & Messi are in town! Rebrov gets to pit his wits against his old club as well, probably the only games in which they might realistically steal a point! Obscene amount of money and probably what our league receives as a whole across a season!!! 

I'm excited about the quality of referees we will get.  There are many fantastic Group 2 & 3 referees but we are going to actually see some of the big names in Budapest which is a rare thing indeed. Would love to see Kovács István live so if anyone from UEFA is looking in please take note! ;) Not sure if he is allowed to referee Hungarian teams though, although he's classed as Romanian he is ethnic Hungarian & does hold dual citizenship.
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