Author Topic: 2022 FIFA World Cup - Qualifying Round  (Read 8536 times)

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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup - Qualifying Round
« on: Thu 25 Mar 2021 09:39 »
Nice to see Hennessy with a game after his EL GS debut in December, I would rate him above Harvey so I think the pairing with Hennessy as referee and Harvey as FO makes sense. I still hope Doyle can secure an appointment in later rounds.

Not a bad game for Collum and Frappart with a very important observer. Does anyone know why Frappart is appointed with male assistants for the last while? Seems unfair to the Irish and French AR who were good enough to be appointed to the Super Cup with her but no longer it seems...

Interestingly Ivan Kružliak has been appointed to the Qatar - Azerbaijan friendly, nice to see him with an international match while he is still banned from the top league domestically. 
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