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Author Topic: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed  (Read 1804 times)

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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #30 on: Fri 20 May 2022 21:48 »
I would love Faghani to get the final - he was brilliant in 2018 and could have easily got the final. Plus he has big name experience under his belt having done France-Argentina and a 3rd place match. Hope he performs well in Qatar
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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #31 on: Fri 20 May 2022 22:09 »
As I'm sure our man down under will concur, Beath must be up there on a list of possibles.
But as Howard Webb was the first to admit, it was all about performance and luck, as he saw many of the front runners fall away with bad luck (Germany goal before GLT) and poor games plus getting 2 European teams to the final.
I just hope that performance at the tournament trumps everything (and yes I also believe in father christmas)
Also hope all officials stay fit between now and then.
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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #32 on: Fri 20 May 2022 22:47 »
Would like to see the final go to someone from somewhere other than UEFA or CONEMBOL. What odds on the Santos guy from South Africa being awarded it, was very good in the Africa Cup of Nations!

Victor Gomes maybe?

Yes sorry meant him 😃
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Wollongong Ref

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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #33 on: Sat 21 May 2022 02:26 »
In meeting both Beath and Faghani they are both highly competent referees and very modest and unassuming. Both gentlemen. I would suggest that if an AFC ref is to get the final then Faghani is favourite albeit before a ball is kicked. If it it a UEFA referee then my favourite is clearly Orsato since Italy isn’t there.
When looking at the list a second time I did think it curious that Roldan from Columbia And Tobar from Chile are not there. Their careers and experience mean they’re very unlucky. 
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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #34 on: Sun 22 May 2022 22:10 »
36 referees does seem like a lot, so it will be interesting if everyone gets a game. Of course they have to all pass the fitness tests and so on first. But the tournament is a few days shorter and there's 4 games each day in the group stage so perhaps (pretty much) everyone will get a game. There's 56 games across the group stage and Last 16 knockout stage round, so you could envisage a scenario where 20 refs do 2 games and 16 do 1.

Good that Oliver and Taylor have both been selected, as others have said.

I don't really agree with the premise that only congratulations or positive posts should be made on topics such as this or final appointments. This thread isn't a congratulations card to the 36 referees and I'm not expecting them to read it. We are all interested in discussing refereeing matters and the short list for a World Cup seems a particularly notable subject for discussion and scrutiny - indeed people have been speaking about it on and off on here and other refereeing sites for at least a year or two.

I believe the second post on here was by Babyref and I wouldn't really agree it was a negative post. It noted Oliver and Taylor's achievements, as many other posts have done, and noted the landmark of six female officials being appointed. It also made the quite reasonable observation that UEFA refereeing has lost quite a lot of depth and experience over the past year or two. Equally, I think the fact England don't have a VAR going is worthy of note and could have wider implications for how VAR is used in the Premier League going forwards.

Babyref, I understand your comparison with 2014 but I do wonder how much of that is influenced by hindsight. Off the top of my head, I think only Howard Webb from that list had been at the 2010 World Cup and at the time believe the likes of Brych and Mazic were refereeing at their first senior World Cup/Euros. This time, Turpin, Lahoz and Marciniak all refereed at the last World Cup and I think all selected referees from UEFA have been to at least one major tournament before. Perhaps in 5 years time when the likes of Makelle/Oliver/Siburt/Kovacs have reached their full potential, we'll be saying what a good group this was. I would agree though that it feels we might be in something of a transition for UEFA refereeing at the moment.

As for Frappart, I don't think it's unreasonable to say that it feels like either FIFA have over-appointed her or UEFA have under-appointed her. I can't say which one it is. But I think you would reasonably expect someone chosen as a UEFA referee for the World Cup to have strong knockout stage CL experience.
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Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Officials Confirmed
« Reply #35 on: Tue 24 May 2022 13:00 »

I'd not mentioned yellow shirts once on this thread!! That is just a very long standing joke due to my utter hatred of yellow.

It was purely tongue in cheek :)
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