Author Topic: 2019/20 UEFA Champions League  (Read 21470 times)

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Re: 2019/20 UEFA Champions League
« Reply #75 on: Wed 02 Oct 2019 16:25 »
Not worth a separate thread in my view, but I thought Clement Turpin had a good game at Tottenham last night. Pity the Spurs defence couldn't have been the same!  :(

I didn't see anything of the Man City game but Peter Walton, reporting in The Times, suggested that Man City should have had two first half penalties via VAR. The first was when Theophile-Catherine hung out his arm and clearly handled Mendy's cross and the second was when Peric missed a tackle on Aguero and stood on the striker's foot. The first incident appeared to be missed by VAR and 'inexplicably' (in PW's view), VAR did not intervene in the second.
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