Author Topic: 2019/20 UEFA Champions League  (Read 21470 times)

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Re: 2019/20 UEFA Champions League
« Reply #75 on: Tue 17 Sep 2019 00:00 »
IMO Oliver still pays the Real-Juve QF. It was a silly decision to appoint him on that match since he was clearly not ready. UEFA doesn't want their referees to create fuss.

Taylor has been really impressive those last months. He surely has Rosetti's trust and I think that he may be a candidate for a Final already.

Fuss? I would say he made a personally credible decision that many people regarded as being correct and received death threats because of it. I certainly don't think it's something that should be affecting his career almost 18 months on. Skomina gave a worse performance in a Man City game last season and there was a fair amount of fuss after the PSG V Man Utd game but he got the CL final.
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