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General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sat 29 May 2021 22:25 »
All play off referees which I suppose one would expect, with the exception of Busby in the place of Breakspear who did a play off whereas Busby didnít. That would be very strange if so

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sat 29 May 2021 07:56 »
Iím not sure how accurate this is but I have heard that the referees invited to interview to move to SG1 are Harrington, Gillett, Brooks, Stroud and Salisbury

FL to SG2 are Hicks, Madley, Busby, Drysdale, Bramall and Coy

FL AR to SG2 I have only heard Hunt and Liddle (Iím sure there are more)

General Discussion / Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Thu 27 May 2021 16:14 »
I have heard that the invitations are out for the promotion interviews.

I have also heard two names of assistant referees who have them (NL to SG2AR) but just wondering if these have been officially released yet, if if they ever do get formally released?

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 21:52 »
That did cross my mind however I wonder whether it is because there was an extra week between the play offs this time compared to usual. Therefore that would have meant Madley would have refereed on the last day of the season on 7th May and wouldnít have refereed again until the final on the 31st. Thatís quite a big time with no game so maybe it was to make sure he kept his match sharpness with a game in between?

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 17:02 »
Madley has clearly finished right up there to have been given the appointment. From his performance at Oxford it was clear why.

Itís such a shame that people who apparently have some strange personal thing against certain referees, probably ones who they have never actually met, donít have the ability to bring themselves to just say congratulations. Itís very sad to read things like that on this kind of forum.
Perhaps they just donít like being proved that their opinion may be wrong

General Discussion / Re: Plays Off - Who's Getting What?
« on: Mon 24 May 2021 15:33 »
My guesses:

Jon Moss
Marc Perry
Simon Long
Darren England

League 1
Jarred Gillett
Akil Howson
Mark Dwyer
Tony Harrington

League 2
Bobby Madley
Geoffrey Liddle
Hristo Karaivanov
Craig Hicks

General Discussion / Re: L1 & 2 Play Offs
« on: Thu 20 May 2021 23:06 »
I didnít get chance to see the game but I did see a handball in the build up the the second Morecambe goal on 45 minutes. Itís only really clear from behind the goal, an angle he doesnít have of course, so again whilst it may be a mistake itís not one that you would expect the referee to get right due to the fact he likely couldnít see it from his expected position

General Discussion / Re: L1 & 2 Play Offs
« on: Thu 20 May 2021 06:50 »
Lincoln City v Sunderland - Craig Hicks

Yet another fine performance. Mr Hicks looked very calm and assured throughout and with the exception of the odd goal kick/corner decision I donít remember disagreeing with too much.
The big talking point of the night of course was Lincolnís second goal. With the attacker charging down the keeper and thus gaining control when the ball was kicked at him he rolled it into an empty net.
Inconclusive on most angles as to where it struck the player but one angle behind the goal showed that it clearly struck the attackers hand/arm.

Now Iím pretty sure the modern laws are that the goal should have therefore been disallowed and will have to go down as a wrong KMI, but I really donít think any referee could have seen what part of the body it hit so I donít feel there is any blame attached here to Mr Hicks. I am sure VAR would have spilt their coffee in excitement of ruling this out but not with the naked eye.

So three play offs down in L1 & L2 and three top class performances. Tonight is the turn of Mr Drysdale

General Discussion / L1 & 2 Play Offs
« on: Wed 19 May 2021 07:22 »
With the first day of L1 & 2 Play Offs completed what were peopleís thoughts?

Personally I thought it was a very strong start from the referees. I thought Madley was excellent and showed his experience throughout, didnít buy into giving cheap yellow cards and the yellow card after 3 minutes when Oxford called for a DOGSO was spot on. Always seemed the calmest on the pitch and was in total control - the respect from the players was quite evident.

Mr Breakspear similarly was very good in my opinion. I see this is his third consecutive run in the play offs which shows he is up there each year. Good movement, no controversies and a good start from these two officials. I am sure Mike Jones will be happy with the start made by his two referee teams so far

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Mon 17 May 2021 01:17 »
Prior to the appointments I would have said Bramall was a good choice however with his doing a semi final I canít see him then refereeing a final with the same team. I think it will be either from Hicks or Madley with them doing League 1 (presumably finishing 1st and 2nd), or nobody named such as Edwards or Backhouse

I believe she and Michael split up some time ago

Any FA Final is a very good sign I would guess

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Wed 12 May 2021 13:46 »
This was why I threw Backhouse or Edwards into that mix. I would have expected to see them involved perhaps over the likes of Oldham for example, good referee as he is

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Wed 12 May 2021 12:29 »
Interesting, thanks. So based on that who would you think? Maybe Langford for L1 and Backhouse or Edwards for L2 maybe?

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2021
« on: Tue 11 May 2021 19:45 »
Iím trying to think who may referee the League 2 play off final now. Most of the ones I would have picked out are refereeing semi finals which I assume rules them out.

Would we assume that the top two referees were Hicks and Madley based on the fact they have League 1 games, and would this suggest that one of those would referee the League 2 final?

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