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General Discussion / James Bell - Derby v Salford
« on: Tue 10 Aug 2021 22:32 »
First time Iíve seen Mr Bell in a full game. Is this his first Sky game since promotion?

Looks the part, moves very well around the pitch and generally refereed the game well. HoweverÖÖ
Two big decisions in the game in the space of one minute, a penalty for both teams, and both wrong. Not just opinion wrong, just wrong.

The first one there is no contact made by the defender and Iím surprised the AR didnít get involved there as he had the perfect view. Referee seemed to be very quick on the whistle, especially given that AR1 was best placed to make that decision.
A minute later a penalty kick is given at the other end which was outside the area. Sky said 4 yards which is very u fair on Mr Bell, it was closer than that, however it was clearly still outside. AR2 would surely have had an unobstructed view of this one so again Iím surprised that the AR didnít get visibly involved.

On the whole this was actually a very good performance from a young referee who clearly has ability. However the top referees are judged on their big decisions and unfortunately on this front Mr Bell fell short. Certainly one to watch for the future though.

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2021
« on: Mon 28 Jun 2021 07:54 »
I wouldnít say that Ms Welchís promotion came as a surprise. She had an FL trial match, alongside Mather, as well as an FA final, both indications of a good season. Furthermore, she seems to have relatively few NL matches and referees regularly in the FAWSL. Surely these performances will be taken into account also?

Surely not! Why would the WSL performances have anything to do with promotion to EFL? The list on WSL is made up of officials who are not only 2A referees and nor does every NL referee officiate on it. This competition should in no way contribute to a promotion within the menís pathway and whilst I understand having our top female referees officiating in our top female competition, I am interested to see how this would work next season. Would Rebecca still referee on WSL and therefore less on EFL than the other officials? If what you say, would those marks then contribute to a potential promotion to SG2? I canít see that happen somehow and therefore I cannot imagine those performances could be considered for promotion to the EFL list

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2021
« on: Mon 21 Jun 2021 19:32 »
Iíd be surprised if he is 43. If so then he certainly aged better than I did at that age!!!

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2021
« on: Mon 21 Jun 2021 19:19 »
I did post earlier that Madley had picked up an injury in the fitness test and therefore was not promoted as a result. This seems harsh but I guess if passing the fitness test is part of the process then itís very unlucky but itís the rules.

The positive was seeing Madley return and clearly deliver this season, maybe showing those in this group who have claimed he was somehow anointed to his former position that he indeed was a class above the referees lower down the pyramid, as you would expect from a former FIFA referee. I would fully expect to see Madley in the same position this time next season along with Edwards, Backhouse, Hicks, Barratt and Breakspear

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2021
« on: Mon 21 Jun 2021 17:06 »
As posted earlier whilst it is fantastic to see the first female referee promoted to the EFL, I do wonder how those referees who were not promoted would be feeling given that one of those promoted apparently (and I say apparently) finished nowhere near the top 6 and had no play off involvement. I am all for equality but this must be frustrating for the officials on the league

General Discussion / Re: Promotions
« on: Mon 21 Jun 2021 14:26 »
Congratulations to all. Wasnít expecting four promotions to PL referee list but I guess this is future planning given that some of the older statesmen are knocking on the door of retirement

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Fri 18 Jun 2021 16:39 »
I believe that Madley got injured in the fitness test and therefore as the fitness test wasnít passed he is no longer eligible for promotion.

I have to say that sounds extremely harsh that a referee can perform well for a whole season and then an injury or medical incident would stop them from being promoted. Surely if itís an injury a referee should be given another opportunity to pass that? Is that the normal procedure? I thought officials had a number of opportunities to pass a test especially if injury was the reason for not passing first time?

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Tue 08 Jun 2021 23:24 »
I also heard that although 6 are being interviewed, the referee who finished 6th is not one of them.

If this is the case then I am absolutely for equality but this cannot be right and would be purely positive discrimination. It would be very interesting to hear how this would be justified to the referee who finished in 6th position as to how or why somebody below them was interviewed rather than them. That could make for a very uncomfortable explanation.
It would seem that given the press coverage much earlier in the season that colours were pinned to a certain mast. I for one sincerely hope this is not the case as that would do more damage to the question of equality than anything else.

Out of interest at this level is it the FA who would nominate for interview or PGMOL? Iím not sure how far down the influence of PGMOL goes

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sat 05 Jun 2021 22:50 »

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Sat 05 Jun 2021 11:22 »
I just canít see how given the incident this season that Drysdale would be promoted. He was found guilty and suspended. A promotion in the same season would seem quite incredible

Iím sure if Madley had been that arrogant all season and acted like these leagues were below him then he wouldnít have been appointed to this game which I assume shows he finished as number 1.

I believe referees are marked by observers and clubs at this level so clearly the people who watched him week in week out over the last 9 months felt he was the best performing referee.

I also think itís unfair to criticise when a referee is felt to be under par but when they have an excellent game we have the attitude of we we expect that. If an excellent performance is expected of this referee every game then that doesnít quite fit the narrative on here that he isnít good enough for the next level?? You would expect excellence because the referee is in your opinion excellent generally to have gained that reputation...surely you canít say you expect him to be excellent and then say heís always rubbish in the same breath 😂

Hate?? Wow

The injustice of what? I have seen certain members have these views for a long time, I read the page for a long time before becoming a member and this always intrigued me.
Genuinely, was there an incident that Mr Madley did that would lead to your hatred?

General Discussion / Re: Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Tue 01 Jun 2021 09:40 »
Have I potentially become regarded as Ďa source close to PGMOLíí? Now that would be amusing 😂

If so that is very lazy journalism isnít it

Well letís break it down then. Is there a push? Yes there is. Thatís fact. It then becomes a matter of opinion as to whether you (or Mr Madley in this case) believe it was sufficient force to make him fall over. Moving at speed as they were, itís possible. I did say the play makes the most of it which he clearly does but the angle that shows it from where the referee is looks a very clear penalty in my opinion so I can accept why he awarded it.

Did the Ďfoulí continue into the penalty area? Yes it did. That is a fact. So again it is purely down to the interpretation of whether the push had enough force for a foul. The Sky pundits accepted the foul, their expert analysis however said even though it started outside and finished inside a free kick was a better decision. Clearly they are wrong in law here.

So Iím not the only one in cloud cuckoo land at all as you suggest. The Sky pundits accept it was a foul but questioned the restart. I think from the angle the referee had it looks a clear foul, the referee gets one view remember, only their view. They donít have the benefit of a replay to decide if it was a bit soft or not

I donít remember seeing a comment from Nemesis and Hendo when Mr Madley had a fine performance at Oxford in the semi finals and yet here they are today. It would almost seem like an agenda against this individual.

I felt some of the decisions were questionable, the early penalty decision with the challenge on the goalkeeper in slow motion is clear to see but in full speed I donít think is as clear.

As for the penalty, I may be in a minority here but there is clearly a push albeit the attacker makes the most of it. The contact begins outside the area and the push ends inside the area, Sky said exactly this point. That therefore makes it a penalty kick.

Throughout the game it was very clear that Mr Madley commanded the respect of the players and smiled a lot with them. No cautions in 90 minutes and I just find it very sad that none of the people on here have ever had the pressure of such a game to deal with so we cannot possibly understand how that must feel to referee. It just seems like the same names every week cannot wait to jump on certain referees at any opportunity.

On reflection, Iíd say a soft penalty to win the game but by no means incorrect and totally wrong to say it was outside as some have. As an observer I would be saying a well controlled game, a confident referee who moved well throughout, experience was clear to see to slow the game down when needed...but a referees life hinges on one or two big decisions. For me the first could be given on another day, the one that was is absolutely not incorrect. A push is a foul and it continued into the penalty area. Iím staggered to see how people can say that is such a bad decision. In my opinion that would never have been overturned by VAR which maybe says enough.

*****(Last comment edited do not abuse other posters , not acceptable on this forum !)****

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