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Male or female my point stands. Had this have been a first year male referee having done 5 EFL games and a handful on WSL I think there would be much more said. As I stated this is nothing against the referee, I truly hope she has a great game, but these appointments must be earned on merit whether you are male or female. The FA Cup 3rd Round should not be used as an FA advertising campaign for referees.

If this referee continues to officiate the games in WSL and internationals as stated previously then she could be looking at 10-12 EFL games all season compared to probably 35+ from many others. Are we saying that would be enough games to justify a promotion to SG2 as well?

I understand the point made on equality and equity and again it was a very well made one. However, Miss Welch has had a high profile since doing the trial match last season so is very much in the public recognition. The 3rd Round of the cup is too far in my opinion though given that she has only been entrusted with 5 league games since August, only one of which was in League One. I sincerely hope not but this kind of appointment could well set a referee of little experience at this level up for a huge fall.

Barrott’s appointment to referee at Stoke for example seems to me a much more sensible one. Having watched him on the Stockport game in the last round I think this appointment is earned and fully justified. This is now I think his second season as an EFL referee so this feels about right.

Some good opportunities there at higher levels than the ones they usually work at. Bell and Barrott clearly fancied by the FA/PGMO and from what I’ve seen I can see why that would be. I haven’t seen Josh Smith yet but have heard positive notes. One for the future at the top or too soon to say?
I too agree that the Salisbury appointment is crazy. What a great chance to see more PL teams and one missed IMO.

Now, I am all for equality and seeing more female officials in the game has been a huge step forward in recent years. However. I have just looked and please correct me if I am wrong here, but Rebecca Welch has refereed 5 EFL league games to date and a small number of Pizza Trophy games. Only one of those games was in League One.

Would a male first year referee be entrusted with a Third Round game in the FA Cup involving a Championship team and a high flying League One team? I just simply cannot see the justification for this appointment at all. Feel free to shoot me down but it’s not only bizarre, but in my opinion it’s appears to be purely done for one reason which is totally wrong for all the other officials on the list. I feel an FA Cup game in this round is one that should be earned on merit and I simply don’t feel that five league games can possibly justify that appointment.
This is no fault of Rebecca’s of course and I do wish her well. However I am sure this left a salty taste for other referees on EFL when this came out today

General Discussion / Re: EFL Championship Controversies......
« on: Thu 25 Nov 2021 00:36 »
It staggers me that we see performances like that of S Barratt last week who was clearly very good and also the vast experience of Bobby Madley hanging around in League 1 and 2.
IIRC Madley came off the list for personal reasons which were well documented, not because of his performances. Surely if they have brought him back then they should be bringing him into the Championship fold midway through this season. Perhaps the likes of Barratt and Craig Hicks (who I rate highly) should join that list to raise the bar on what is turning out to be a very poor season for the Championship officials

General Discussion / Trial Games
« on: Mon 15 Nov 2021 23:21 »
I’m sure other posters will know the answer to the first part, the second of course is a matter of opinion.

When do trial games usually take place for those being looked at for possible promotions to SG1 or SG2?
FA Cup Round 1 is always good indicator of which NL referees are possibly in the early running.

If they are handed out at some stage, who would you expect/like to see any possible trial games given to?




Breakspear and Barratt with live games. Interested to see them both. Watched Mr Barratt last season at Gillingham I believe and I remember he made a terrible penalty decision. Hopefully a better evening this time around.

Since his error at Leyton Orient Alan Young has had two FA Cup games. Beggars belief really

Sarginson seems to have a lot of games in the south now, has he moved from the north west in recent years?

I’d agree with everything said above. Absolute control in what could have been a tough fixture for a less experienced referee. Could have gone early with yellow cards but kept them away early which is risky but worked on this occasion.

The one thing that stood out above everything else was the respect that the players had for him. As stated above I’m sure much of this is because they knew what level he had refereed at but nevertheless this is earned. Will Finnie is a referee I rate and I am sure he will have gained much from watching such an experienced referee. I also feel he will be back in SG2 and very possibly SG1 in the not too distant future.

Hackett is from Sheffield, as is James Bell. Perhaps that’s helped him to come to those conclusions.

First time I’ve seen Bell, thought he did ok. The game was quite poor on a surface that didn’t run true so I’m sure this isn’t the easiest to officiate on (albeit the artificial stuff was the sand that ripped your skin off in my day!).

Nothing about the performance struck me as future SG1, maybe SG2. I believe Bell is around 30 so many years to develop in that sense. I have to say though I’m not sure about these boy band haircuts on the younger referees these days. Maybe I’m an old stickler but it does seem to take away a natural authority when a referee has their hair styled like a player, don’t know why, I just feel it does.

Bell with an excellent local derby on Friday night which I am looking forward to watching.
Will be interesting to see Rebecca referee and good luck to her.

Interestingly, why do you feel Madleys appointment was predictable? I’m guessing it’s a few years since he’s refereed anywhere like Banbury United!

General Discussion / Re: K MONZUL - Andorra v England
« on: Sat 09 Oct 2021 23:52 »
Sorry but can we just say it please? She was poor!
It seems like because it’s a female official we have to tread on eggshells when saying she was poor for the hope of not being called sexist. Some incorrect yellow cards, a clear missed second yellow card, far too officious at times when that wasn’t necessary. Had this have been a male referee on their first outing there would have been many posts here saying they were naive, not ready for this level etc. if we are to have equality with female officials in the mens game which is a huge positive in my eyes, then the female referees must be held to the same critique and standard.

This performance tonight was not the standard one would expect of a referee in a UEFA WC Qualifying game involving one of the top seeds.

Andy Madley officiated Latvia v Netherlands yesterday evening. I caught the second half of this and saw the total opposite. A referee who was relaxed, smiled with players, didn’t panic and commanded the respect of the players.

Please can we just hold all officials to the same standard and not skirt around being able to say a performance by a referee, male or female, was poor simply because of their gender.

Ah Nemesis…here you are.

We never did get your opinion on Mr Madley the other week.

Any news from Nemesis regarding the performance of Mr R Madley at Ipswich today?
I was hoping for a buried hatchet and maybe a positive word but I think a 2-5 score line and a penalty to the away team may have put paid to that pipedream

We wait with baited breath………..

Nemesis with an opportunity to have his opinion changed of his long time…well, nemisis!

Looking forward to the review from that game, maybe opinions can be changed and hatchets buried

General Discussion / Re: Cüneyt Çakır - Hungary v England
« on: Fri 03 Sep 2021 08:55 »
Sorry but I disagree that this is just down to a minority of fans. The current government very recently brought in legislation banning discussion on the topic of homosexuality. They have banned anything that shows homosexuality in a positive light. The President called Muslim refugees “invaders” and their immigration policy has breached international human rights for years.

As the above post states, this current Hungarian government have absolutely given the green light to xenophobia, racism and homophobia. Whilst of course that doesn’t mean all Hungarians are any of those things, this current social situation in Hungary allows those who do have those views to voice them publicly and free from prosecution or reprisal as they did shamefully last night.

The only way to rid football of this cancer is to throw the book very hard. Long term stadium ban or even banned from tournament qualification as English clubs were for their hooligan problems (which wasn’t all fans either) in the 80s. Perhaps then the government may sit up and listen, especially at a time when qualification for these tournament is a very real possibility for Hungary with their decent team

I am aware the appointments are out but I haven’t seen the full set. Can anyone help and maybe post these in here?

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