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General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Sun 12 Jun 2022 00:37 »
Oh I thought somebody said that three FL Referees had gone for interview for promotion to SG2?

Perhaps I misread that but I assumed that’s what was meant so I wondered who those three were

General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Sat 11 Jun 2022 19:12 »
There was a single comment earlier in this thread about 3 referees having gone to the promotion interviews for SG2.

Do we have names of who that was? Sorry if I’ve missed them elsewhere

General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Tue 31 May 2022 23:10 »
I heard on the grapevine that PGMOL interviews are this week.

Does anybody know who was invited to these interviews?

General Discussion / Promotions 2022
« on: Sat 21 May 2022 12:02 »
I don’t know if this is usually done once the Play Offs are all completed but I just wondered when it is likely that we will hear who will have the interviews or promotions from National League to EFL, EFL to Championship and Championship to Premier League

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Playoffs 2021/22
« on: Mon 09 May 2022 22:45 »
I believe Madley refereed the final last year which possibly rules him out this year anyway?

Toners name isn’t in these fixtures so one can assume he will play some part, probably as referee. I did think Bell would be in the play offs so perhaps he will be 4th Official?

Have to say I’m very surprised to see Barrott not refereeing a game unless he is destined to referee the final instead?


Final: Moss

League 2:
R Madley

Final: Barratt

So only League 2 semi finals for these referees. By my reckoning that would be four referees on the semi finals and one for the final? Or would they choose the final referee from the four semi final referees? Not sure what the past format has been for selection for the final referee.

Just wondering who people think would be the four referees on semi finals and who the final referee would be? Personally I think Sam Barratt seems to be well rated on here so I think he may be the selection for the final. Saw him at Stockport v Bolton in the FA Cup earlier this year and I was very impressed

I thought this was very interesting. Teamwork sounded good and the piece with Mrs Steinhaus-Webb was also very good

The referee here was absolutely correct in law, however whether proactive management of the situation would have been better remains to be discussed.

I believe the referee awarded a free kick to Wimbledon on the edge of their own penalty area. The goalkeeper appeared not to realise this and as a result played the ball three times. Of course in law, a second touch by the same player equates to an indirect free kick against them. So on this point of law the referee was completely correct.

However, I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable about that. Yes it’s the goalkeeper at fault and I’m sure the ‘we’re not there to hold their hands’ comments will come which I understand, but surely on recognising that the keeper wasn’t aware it was a free kick the referee should have hit the whistle and communicated this clearly to the goalkeeper who was obviously unaware.

This decision has had a huge impact in the game and now on the league table. Again, I’ll stress that a referee has no obligation to help the keeper here but I would expect a referee of Mr Backhouse’s experience to have managed this is a much better way

Would that potentially not hinder her in terms of wanting promotion up the EFL list as she is refereeing so few games?
Clearly the standard of the EFL is higher than that of WSL (that is no offence meant to the WSL of course but clearly that is the case)…so surely more EFL games would benefit her progression more?
Does she have to do so many womens games to keep her FIFA badge perhaps?

Is Ms Welch injured at the moment? Haven’t seen her name for a few weeks, I could be mistaken of course. I always look out for a few names to see if fixtures are progressing with bigger games, especially now we are approaching the dreaded business end and Ms Welch is of course one of those. She just doesn’t seem to referee at all regularly in the EFL which I find baffling

I’m interested if Boz managed to see the game and get a view of Rebecca Welch at Hartlepool this week?
Reports I am seeing are on the whole very positive, I’m very surprised at how few league games she has done this season though compared to her colleagues. Are there stats for EFL referee appointments to date from our as always quite brilliant Statos? (That’s a compliment!)

I do have a Tranmere supporting friend who was impressed but said she ‘bottled’ (always makes me roll my eyes when that term is used) a second yellow card for a home player late in the game for time wasting?

General Discussion / Re: Helen Edwards
« on: Fri 18 Feb 2022 00:36 »
I have it on reasonably good authority that this occurred when Mrs(?) Edwards flagged for a foul which the home manager felt was soft. He made a comment saying “come on it’s a man’s game”.

Now I absolutely appreciate that there are a number of contexts that can be said in and of course players and managers must choose their words wisely. However…this is a comment that I myself used as a throw away comment to players over my many years of refereeing, rightly or wrongly, as a way of saying get on with it. Only now we are probably realising that this comment shouldn’t be used, but it is a comment used regularly throughout football.

I don’t know how this was said nor do I know which context a manager has said this but I think an 8 game ban for this seems incredibly excessive when a horrendous tackle that breaks a leg gets only three

I believe a player at Shrewsbury was sent off for calling the referee something which was obviously bad enough to warrant a straight red card. Will that be an 8 game ban or just the three? I assume the latter

Just realised the Doncaster game is live on Sky Sports on Monday…

Messers Madley and Kettle in tandem….

Thought Madley was very good today. He has a very relaxed style and the respect from the players towards him is quite obvious. Doncaster were as poor a team as I’ve seen but the early penalty was correct and I thought the decision not to award a penalty to Sunderland later in the game was also correct.
I have watched Madley several times now since his return and I cannot help but think every time I’ve seen him that he is well above the level he is officiating at and it seems a bit if a waste to not have him at least in the Championship.

All in all a very good day at the office for Messrs Madley and Kettle

General Discussion / Re: David Elleray Investigation
« on: Mon 27 Dec 2021 01:32 »
I will throw a name into the ring…Uriah Rennie.

Rennie is I believe a Referee Committee Chairman in one of the Yorkshire FAs, Sheffield I think, and I do wonder if the FA will see it as an opportunity to go for somebody from a BAME background and perhaps use this as a starting point for the removal of the claims that the FA are blocking black referees from coming through the system?

It’s a strange one in that even sitting and thinking of possible replacements I genuinely cannot come up with any other names or reasons for one particular person from another. For this reason I think Rennie will be the choice they will go with and show the FA taking a different direction to the perceived one that they had been on

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