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General Discussion / Madley Brothers - First Time?
« on: Sun 03 Sep 2023 00:06 »
Having just watched MOTD I noticed both Andy and Robert Madley refereeing today in the Premier League. I am sure someone will know but is this the first time two brothers have refereed a Premier League game on the same day?

Andy is clearly setting himself out as a well trusted referee in the PL with some strong performances this season. I saw Robert on the season opener at Sheffield Wednesday and thought he was excellent on the night.

I assume given that only Bond and Robinson were promoted that today was a trial game for R Madley. Does anyone have any insight as to how it went (except for the technology malfunction of course)

I only just realised that Ms Welchís game was live on tv today. Thatís a shame as I would have watched this with interest given that I am yet to see her officiate in a live game as yet.

Did anybody see the game and can feed back on the performance? I have seen that the away side are not happy with a penalty kick but I am yet to see the incident

General Discussion / Promotions 2022
« on: Sat 21 May 2022 12:02 »
I donít know if this is usually done once the Play Offs are all completed but I just wondered when it is likely that we will hear who will have the interviews or promotions from National League to EFL, EFL to Championship and Championship to Premier League

General Discussion / Trial Games
« on: Mon 15 Nov 2021 23:21 »
Iím sure other posters will know the answer to the first part, the second of course is a matter of opinion.

When do trial games usually take place for those being looked at for possible promotions to SG1 or SG2?
FA Cup Round 1 is always good indicator of which NL referees are possibly in the early running.

If they are handed out at some stage, who would you expect/like to see any possible trial games given to?




I am aware the appointments are out but I havenít seen the full set. Can anyone help and maybe post these in here?

General Discussion / James Bell - Derby v Salford
« on: Tue 10 Aug 2021 22:32 »
First time Iíve seen Mr Bell in a full game. Is this his first Sky game since promotion?

Looks the part, moves very well around the pitch and generally refereed the game well. HoweverÖÖ
Two big decisions in the game in the space of one minute, a penalty for both teams, and both wrong. Not just opinion wrong, just wrong.

The first one there is no contact made by the defender and Iím surprised the AR didnít get involved there as he had the perfect view. Referee seemed to be very quick on the whistle, especially given that AR1 was best placed to make that decision.
A minute later a penalty kick is given at the other end which was outside the area. Sky said 4 yards which is very u fair on Mr Bell, it was closer than that, however it was clearly still outside. AR2 would surely have had an unobstructed view of this one so again Iím surprised that the AR didnít get visibly involved.

On the whole this was actually a very good performance from a young referee who clearly has ability. However the top referees are judged on their big decisions and unfortunately on this front Mr Bell fell short. Certainly one to watch for the future though.

General Discussion / Promotion Interviews 2021
« on: Thu 27 May 2021 16:14 »
I have heard that the invitations are out for the promotion interviews.

I have also heard two names of assistant referees who have them (NL to SG2AR) but just wondering if these have been officially released yet, if if they ever do get formally released?

General Discussion / L1 & 2 Play Offs
« on: Wed 19 May 2021 07:22 »
With the first day of L1 & 2 Play Offs completed what were peopleís thoughts?

Personally I thought it was a very strong start from the referees. I thought Madley was excellent and showed his experience throughout, didnít buy into giving cheap yellow cards and the yellow card after 3 minutes when Oxford called for a DOGSO was spot on. Always seemed the calmest on the pitch and was in total control - the respect from the players was quite evident.

Mr Breakspear similarly was very good in my opinion. I see this is his third consecutive run in the play offs which shows he is up there each year. Good movement, no controversies and a good start from these two officials. I am sure Mike Jones will be happy with the start made by his two referee teams so far

General Discussion / R Madley (Crawley v Bolton)
« on: Sun 09 May 2021 14:21 »
I believe I saw Mr Madley make an appearance on a live game yesterday, the first since his return?

I didnít see the whole game, only the first 10 minutes. Did anybody see how he got on? Iím guessing he must be high up in the rankings to be given a live TV game at this stage. Is that usually a sign of a possible play off or a promotion?

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