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Robert Madley seems to heavily divide opinion on here which is of course the name of this site so thatís fine. However, to call him a rookie ref is some distance from the truth.
I believe Mr Madley has refereed around 100 EPL matches and spent 4 or 5 years on the SG1 referee list.
To refer to someone of that experience a rookie is either not knowing your referees or simply ignorant to even check.

An interesting set of fixtures. As has been stated I do wonder what Mr Bramall makes of his lack of appointments this season

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Fri 12 May 2023 11:13 »
Will this mean finals will be done only by SG1 officials again then?

General Discussion / Re: SG1 Talk
« on: Fri 12 May 2023 11:06 »
Is there a list of who all the referees support? When Iíve met a couple of them they always seem very open about it so I donít think any keep it a secret, Iím just wondering out of interest I suppose

General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2023
« on: Fri 12 May 2023 11:04 »
How old is Mr Ricardo? Good to see some very positive comments on here about him.

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Fri 12 May 2023 10:37 »
Scandalous? Is it really? Mr Madley spent 4 or 5 years on the Premier League so making the claim that this is only his first season in SG2 is a strange standpoint.
Didnít Thomas Bramall get promoted last season in his first ever season at that level? Perhaps Michael Salisbury the season before that? Why would Mr Madleys promotion (should it happen at all) be so scandalous when he has far more experience than the aforementioned officials?

I had a quick look and it seems he got a bad injury in the Premier League game he was appointed to in October. He had done 9 Championship games up to that point so clearly was the top performing referee at that stage to get that appointment.

I know Mr Madley has a back story that is very well publicised but it does seem that he gets a rather unfair press from some of our contributors on here.
He was wrongly promoted to the EPL list first time around according to some. Then wrongly to the FIFA list.
Now under different leadership at the FA and PGMOL Towers he could possibly get promoted again. Can they all be wrong, or could you be? I for one would like to think that Howard Webb might be able to spot a good referee when he sees one so we will wait and see what the World Cup Final referee thinks, or will he also fall under this apparent Madley spell that some appear to think exists?

Bond and Robinson are surely promoted for next season given their EPL exposure. Perhaps that will be it and then some of you can sleep well for another summer

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Fri 12 May 2023 08:51 »
What a sad state of affairs when a poster FEARS a certain referee getting a play off game or having the possibility of promotion. Your resentment towards Mr Madley certainly runs deep Hendo.
What I would say is that he has been back in England since 2020. Three seasons is hardly rushing him back to the EPL if that is indeed what happens. Given the meteoric rise of referees like Lewis Smith for example who I believe this week took charge of a Championship fixture while he is still a 2a referee (with no negative feedback that Iíve seen so well done Mr Smith), it strikes me as odd that Mr Madley, a former FIFA and EPL referee doing well below that level should keep you pacing the floor on an evening.

Very well done to all involved in the Play Offs and good luck to ALL who are in the shake up for promotion this season. I am sure they are all merited and fully deserved.

I donít know when the news of promotions will break but perhaps, just in case the worst happens Hendo, you should book a nice relaxing holiday away from it all

I only just realised that Ms Welchís game was live on tv today. Thatís a shame as I would have watched this with interest given that I am yet to see her officiate in a live game as yet.

Did anybody see the game and can feed back on the performance? I have seen that the away side are not happy with a penalty kick but I am yet to see the incident

I have to say I have watched a lot of referees in my time but I did see Mr Singh Gill this season and was rather struck by his lack of movement. Whether it is an attempt to appear in control or not Iím not sure but a lazier looking referee at that level I have not seen.
Hopefully his coach has pointed this out and you see a marked improvement.
It was such an ĎI donít careí body language it was quite startling.

I did see his father referee a number of times also but I donít remember anything negative about him which is always a good sign isnít it. Perhaps he could offer some tips on looking interested at least

I couldnít agree more. Andy Madley has certainly established himself as being in that next bracket after Oliver and Taylor and can clearly be trusted with any game now.

Iím just waiting for someone to say how that wasnít a challenge with it being 7-0. Before anyone does please letís remember that Liverpool v Man United is Liverpool v Man United haha.

Excellent performance and whilst one or two I am sure will disagree on here I have to say there must have been something in the Madley water as they grew up as thatís both that have proven themselves as excellent referees at the highest level.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 28th - Wed 31st JAN 2023
« on: Mon 23 Jan 2023 18:04 »
What is your issue with Mr Madley, Hendo?
Have you met him in person and had a falling out because itís so clear that itís more than just you thinking he isnít a good referee, thereís something clearly personal

Select Group 2 / Re: Sat 10th Ė Mon 12th DEC 2022
« on: Thu 08 Dec 2022 19:05 »
R Madley hadnít been seen since his PL game at Brentford at the end of October according to previous post and is not on this set of fixtures either. Injury?

Very unfair to say any championship game is Ďeasyí for any referee. I get what youíre saying though. Madley is a very safe pair of hands and I also think he will be back in the PL after one season.

Good games for Smith and Linnington. Both starting off where they finished and it seems these two and maybe Madley will be the ones they will push this season to move on to better things

General Discussion / Re: Mike Riley
« on: Sat 25 Jun 2022 23:55 »
Hendo do you have anything positive to say about anyone in refereeing?? For a profession that brings such negativity to you I do wonder why you keep following it.

Mike Riley seems to be a marmite character but I donít think anybody could argue that it has been a vast improvement from the days of Hackett pandering to clubs and publicly shaming his own referees. Best wishes to Mike in whatever comes next

General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Tue 21 Jun 2022 07:20 »
Congratulations to both James and Bobby. I am surprised Ben Toner missed out but I suppose we will never know what happened in the interview process for how these decisions were made. I very much look forward to seeing James Bell referee next season. Not sure how old he is but perhaps one for the future?

I have to say though some of the above comments are terrible. I find the comments of Hendo particularly poor form. Either congratulate the pair or say nothing, thatís my opinion.
I too have never detected arrogance from Madley and whilst I havenít met him personally I have only ever heard positive things about how decent a person he is off the field. I believe BMB said she has met him several times and has said exactly this.
Clearly he made a mistake a few years ago but does one mistake make a bad person? To suggest that as a result of this mistake he shouldnít have the opportunity to return to the upper echelons of refereeing is frankly laughable.
To then suggest that he is somehow the chosen one is equally laughable. This Ďchosen oneí was sacked from his job and had to move abroad to continue his life. I remember watching the Football Focus piece he did which very much explained that. Clearly someone on here has an axe to grind with Madley. Have you actually met him in person Hendo?

Anyway, congratulations to them both. Bell will look to prove himself next season and good luck to him, Madley will be an excellent addition to the Championship group and having officiated at the top of the game for a number of years I would expect there could be a return to that level in the near future. Maybe Hendo simply doesnít like the fact that it appears the cream does rise to the top as it seems to have done with Madley this time. One assumes he finished in the top three this season to be considered for promotion and having refereed the Play Off Final last season one assumes he was probably top then as well. He canít be as bad as some of here make out can he if thatís the case.

Well done James and Bobby and very best wishes

General Discussion / Re: Promotions 2022
« on: Tue 14 Jun 2022 11:50 »
Thanks Nowayref

Madley really not a surprise and I would expect him to be promoted, Toner also had good appointments later in the season, but Bell is a surprise for me. Not because I donít think he is deserving but I did expect maybe Barratt or Backhouse to be in there.
It will be interesting to see how many places there are now that Josh Smith didnít go to the interview day.

It seems very strange that all the other promotions are out except this group, I wonder what the logic behind this delay is

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