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General Discussion / Re: Disappointing Reaction
« on: Fri 16 Dec 2022 03:55 »
I am really disappointed by the reaction of so many player who's team has been put out of the competition in the knockout level especially from the quarter finals only. The amount of referee bashing is ridiculous and out of hand. I guess everyone needs a scape goat and the referee is the easiest option. The fact that a strong defense has not been mounted is equally disappointing.

It is certainly easier to blame referees rather than the players who make many mistakes  during a game which no one seems to acknowledge - this ,of course,happens week in week out at most games at all levels

General Discussion / Re: S Massey-Ellis
« on: Fri 16 Dec 2022 03:45 »
She has been given a game on boxing day at Cheltenham in League 1 as Ar2 so potentially working her way back from injury
Thank you for that information

General Discussion / Re: S Massey-Ellis
« on: Thu 15 Dec 2022 17:33 »
Still a mystery as i can only see Robert Massey-Ellis

General Discussion / S Massey-Ellis
« on: Wed 14 Dec 2022 18:22 »
Have seen no mention for several weeks now -has she retired?

4 of the VAR team are in the dedicated VAR centre. The VAR, AVAR, OVAR and SVAR. The SVAR takes over monitoring play developing if any of the other 3 are reviewing an incident. The SAVAR is at the ground where there is a back up VAR room in case the link/comms go down between the VAR centre and the ground.

If that were to happen the 4O moves into the VAR room in the ground and takes over as VAR with the SAVAR taking over as AVAR and the VAR team would operate as a team of 2 instead of 4. As well as being the reserve AR to replace an injured AR, the 5th official would also take over the role of 4O if the named 4O has to move into the ground based VAR room.

It therefore makes sense that they are actively involved with any substitutions etc and are maintaining a record of them, along with any cards issued etc. incase they have to step in as 4O.
It all seems very complicated to me -I wonder how long that on field match officals at this level will become redundant ?

General Discussion / Re: Women referees at Qatar WC
« on: Tue 29 Nov 2022 17:23 »
If some referees were intended only as support officials then I think this should have been made clear pre-tournament. I think from the way it was presented the general presumption was that all 36 referees should be expected to referee at least one game. There were certainly questions asked of Collina about the female referees refereeing a game in the press conference and I think it will look pretty bad if not a single one of them referees a game.

It seems to have been a recent shift to not announcing who will be support referees at FIFA tournaments, they previously did, for example they announced the referee and assistant pair who would be a support from a confederation for 2014. 2018 seemed to be much more subtle, not declaring support officials, but generally referees announced without two ARs in their trio (Jair Marrufo the lone exception) not reffing games.

I suspected from the announcement when I saw two french refs (Turpin and Frappart) and only two french ARs that this might be the case and that they hid this in the announcement to avoid scrutiny. There is an outside chance in one of the eight games without a referee appointed yet we see Frappart as unlike Yamashita and Mukansanga she has received far fewer fourth official appointments and so may be being 'held back' so to speak in case an opportunity (which for FIFA is probably a game with absolutely nothing riding on it) arises.
Maybe I'm a little naive but surely all this adds up to discrimination ?

General Discussion / ebbsfleet v fleetwood FACup
« on: Sun 27 Nov 2022 15:54 »
It was a pity that R Welch was withdrawn from this TV match as I was looking forward to seeing,for the first time,how she coped/managed a mens match - her replacement seemed to have a reasonable game

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Tue 15 Nov 2022 04:28 »
Thank you for your kind words, cwh. I sometimes wonder why I bother, tonight being a case in point. I was somewhat reluctant to venture out, for reasons that will become apparent in due course, but I owe a certain loyalty to Brighouse Town. So I walked on to the bus station, only to find that the Halifax bus was cancelled, leaving no possibility of getting to the match in time, so here I am, back at home.

Thereby missing seeing Brighouse end their run of seven defeats - with a 6-0 victory!
All becomes clear - I'm sorry to hear about your accident and thank goodness it wasn't worse and I hope you are still OK -when one is 'getting on a bit' it takes time to get over this sort of thing - but still you carry on - shame abut missing the 6-0

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23 -JCFC why?
« on: Mon 14 Nov 2022 17:30 »
JCFC - I often wonder, given all the numerous problems you have actually getting to grounds, why you bother to press on week after week in all kinds of weather to provide your reports for this forum
I for one really appreciate this as I find your reports are most entertaining and informative
Thank you

I have obviously missed something here but why are you so against yellow? and i completely agree with your comments about being treated like toddlers

I hate yellow, I think itís absolutely vile! It gives me a headache.

I donít mind if in Mother Nature but I hate it on clothes, furniture, wallpaper - anything man made!
Thank you for explaining that - did not realize one could dislike a colour that much!!!!!

Yellow is NEVER the common sense option, it is always the wrong option.

That said it depends on which league the match is, the PL the referee has a pretty graphic with home team shirt and goalie shirt on the left and away team shirt and goalie shirt on the right and in the middle is the referees shirt and they are told what colour to wear. That arrives with the appointment email. One referee who shall remain nameless ignored a wear yellow twice to my knowledge, swapping to purple one game last season and blue one game this season.

I believe in the football league theyíre still considered to be big boys and girls and are trusted to make their own choice. That could have been changed by now, certainly for SG2.

At UEFA level they are told what to wear but the final decision is made at the security meeting on the morning of the game when the various kits get laid out on a table together.

As an aside 3 foreign FIFA refs have texted me photos of the kit laid out along with a screenshot of the email telling them to wear yellow and have stepped out in red. I am officially more scary than you Mr Rosetti - take note!!

Never ceases to amaze me that these guys spend 15/20 odd years working their way to the top and choosing their own kit colour only to reach the top and get treated like toddlers by being told what to wear!! 🤷‍♀️
I have obviously missed something here but why are you so against yellow? and i completely agree with your comments about being treated like toddlers

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 12th NOV 2022
« on: Mon 07 Nov 2022 17:50 »
no sign of M/s Welch returning / injured?

General Discussion / Re: Jeremy Simpson - Burnley v Reading
« on: Wed 02 Nov 2022 19:26 »
Apparently, Kevin Friend had the dubious pleasure of telephoning Mr Ince on Monday to pass on an apology from Jeremy Simpson who has admitted making a mistake. Fair play to Simpson for that. I am hoping Mr Ince would have taken the opportunity to apologise for his post match comments. Sadly I'm not sure that will have happened though.

Ironically, in Reading's game last night, their opponents had a very decent claim for a penalty which wasn't awarded and the game was drawn. That's football I suppose.
I don't suppose Mr Ince has ever made a mistake!!! - what a sad reflecton of where we are

Edited purely to fix the quote thingamajigga, bmb

General Discussion / Re: Jeremy Simpson - Burnley v Reading
« on: Sun 30 Oct 2022 20:21 »
For context, Reading denied a clear penalty (admitted by the Burnley manager) in the 92nd minute, Burnley score a 94th minute winner. IMO Ince's frustration is justified, there have been so many really bad decisions in the Championship this season, and it seems like there is no accountability for referees. Simpson is in my opinion one of the weakest SG2 referees, but seems to come back week after week. Hope the PGMOL changes will bring about some improvement, things cannot continue to go the way they currently area.


Thank you for this - I must admit to not having checked out any circimtances - but being rather 'old fashioned' in my views  I just do not iike to hear these sort of comments  aired in public about anyone

General Discussion / Jeremy Simpson - Burnley v Reading
« on: Sun 30 Oct 2022 17:23 »
In todays Observer it was noted that 'Ince rages at total joke referee' - it goes on to say Ince described Simpson as 'a joke,an absolutely total joke - I feel like I've been conned by the referee today and thats what makes me angry'
It it likely that some kind of reprimand will made against Paul Ince - surely he cannot make these kind of remarks and get away with it

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