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General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Wed 08 Mar 2023 03:51 »
The precipitation patterns in Yorkshire must be quite different to those of Suffolk where I was brought up where the expression "rain before seven, fine before eleven " was often quoted and invariably proved correct. Being near the coast and not near significant hills meant weather fronts were blown in and out quite quickly.

Your post JCFC has brought back all sorts of gentle and sentimental memories for me. 'Tell me the old, old story' was one of my Grandmother's favourite hymns together with 'The old rugged Cross'. She was a staunch Wesleyan Methodist and would sometimes sing them when doing her housework. Even more telling for me is the fact that when, as a child, I was seeking to invent some excuse for wrongdoing or else trying to inveigle some special treatment or other, my dear late Mama would sing  'Tell me the old, old story'

I am in danger of getting maudlin; I have been humming the tune to myself for much of the morning.

Having been an organist at Methodist chapels for over thirty years I found the use of 'Tell me' certainly declined    fairly rapidly  and I don't recall playing it for many years   - replaced by 'modern hymns' which many of the older congregations struggle with - and still do  in smaller Chapels where some organists find 'modern'rhythms difficult to play

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Sun 26 Feb 2023 19:21 »
A very reasonable request,cwh! I sit next to a former player at NCEL level, and subsequently a referee. He is noted for an impressively loud voice when berating opposition players and referees so SEPAR stands wholly unofficially for Stentorian Ex-Player And Referee.

In similar vein I have used the acronym UACSOTF - standing for Up And Coming Star Of The Future. Mr Hallam may well come close to that one, but a more testing game would be needed to earn it.

As for YLOMA - a Young Lady Of My Acquaintance.

I hope that clarifies things for you!

Thanks  - I don't have any YLOMA at the moment as I presume you do!!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Sun 26 Feb 2023 18:40 »
it was to be another case of "Tell me the old, old story" at

Saturday 25th February 2023
NPL Division 1 East
Brighouse Town   2   v   3   Bridlington Town
Aaron Hallam (Sheffield);  Brandon Blackham, Josh Bramall.

There was an example of role reversal among the officials. Mr Hallam had first been seen in one of his earliest NCEL appointments - at Penistone, with Mr Bramall (now taking the specialist assistant route) in the middle. Mr Hallam was subsequently seen on the line at Emley, on crutches at Dronfield, in the middle at Emley, always appearing competent, and has this season reached Level 3.

The opening minutes saw Brighouse looking promising, raising hopes of a first home win this year, but Bridlington soon established a pattern of direct play, pressurising the fallible home defence and  taking the lead on 17 minutes. The home side soon retaliated, with a surging run from the left back position and two smart passes to score a superb equaliser. Brighouse;s passing then reverted to its norm, lacking both direction and judgment of weight as play became all too frantic. Two minutes into added time in the first half aBrid attacker was gifted a penalty - by Brighouse, not by Mr Hallam - and went to the break with a 2-1 lead. Mr Hallam, incidentally, had done very well to dash in to prevent any scuffle for the ball after the successful kick.

The home manager had done his stuff during the break and Brighouse again began strongly,  breaking quickly from a Brid free-kick on the edge of the home penaty area and equalising after just three minutes. The usual pattern followed, however, with passes going astray, clearances panicky and Brid playing well to their limitations. The game was settled in the 68th minute Brid were awarded a free-kick in a potentially dangerous position. The SEPAR remarked to a visiting supporter "at the risk of tempting fate, your number 8 hasn't distinguished himself with his free-kicks." Fate was of course tempted and the kick found an attacker, who scored his side's winner. There was little sign that Brighouse would be able to respond and in fact Bridlington spurned a couple of great chances in the closing stages.

Mr Hallam looked confident in what was a very comfortable afternoon for him. There was little in the way of dissent, largely because he gave them little to argue with - though that is in itself not always a guarantee. Towards the end, the SEPAR gave him some fortissimo advice, but commented at the end that the referee had been good - a view with which JCFC was more than willing to concur. It would be interesting to see him take charge of a more demanding game, but his general alertness made for a promising display.

Could you explain what or who is a SEPAR
It would be very useful if there were list of all these Acronyms(if that is the right word) for all the many abbrieviations that are used in football - it seems to be growing by the day!!!! and I seem to be out of touch

General Discussion / Re: dates of matches
« on: Fri 24 Feb 2023 18:53 »
I may have missed any post but why have 5th round cup matches changed to midweek - just interested

It was changed in 2020 to facilitate the introduction of a winter break in the Premier League

Thanks - How I missed this since 2020 I just don't know - how embarrasing -it must be old age!!!

General Discussion / dates of matches
« on: Fri 24 Feb 2023 18:42 »
I may have missed any post but why have 5th round cup matches changed to midweek - just interested

General Discussion / Re: Discussion Concerns
« on: Sat 18 Feb 2023 18:01 »
I enjoy being a member and contributor of RTR and hope to continue as such. Having said that, I have become a little concerned lately regarding the direction in which some conversations are evolving. My understanding of the "raison d'etre" of RTR is to discuss and exchange opinions on Referees, their match appointments and their decisions, both objectively and subjectively. However, quite a few recent discussions have, in my opinion, developed into slanging matches with a heavy team support bias and have almost become a football club supporter forum rather than fair and balanced opinions of the refereeing subject supposedly being discussed.

What do other members think?

I totaly agree with you - there is definately an increase in comments such as 'my team should have been given a penalty' 'red card to' 'my team this and that etc
 I too think that it      seems to be developing into a club supporter forum - lets get back to what the forum should be about

General Discussion / womens arnold clark cup
« on: Wed 15 Feb 2023 18:11 »
This is taking place this weekend - I have never heard of this -anyone who the officials are?

General Discussion / the news today
« on: Tue 14 Feb 2023 03:58 »
The latest  news today about grass roots refereeing makes very depressing reading -assaults,abuse,threats etc., -Chris Sutton seen refereeing a junior match (obviously staged} is a bit of a joke - although he make some valid points
I despair about how things are going - the situation seems to be getting worse - much blame seems to be placed on the amount of football seen on TV and the behaviour of the grossly overpaid professional players
What is the answer - it seems that nobody really knows

General Discussion / Coventry v Luton Steve Martin
« on: Sat 11 Feb 2023 20:41 »
Being a life long Luton supporter I did not see this match but I have just being reading the comments on the match and I know one shouldn't take much notice  of these kind of comments but I couldn't help noting various comments about Mr Martin such as :a disgrace,worst I've seen in a long time,worst officials we've had all season, ref was an absolute joke,he had a shocker,ref needs removing from any level,ref say no more,shocking referee absolute disgrace,
Now I know these are typical comments expected from so called fans and should be ignored but it makes one wonder. As matter of interest is Steve Martin as bad as these comments would have one believe

Two excellent AR appointments for Ruby Sykes too

why dislike

Has anyone seen this article in todays I Paper - it is rather a long article which raises some concerns - it alleges that some referees in the EFL and Non league are using small audio devices to covertly record exchanges on the pitch and in their offices after   gam es to protect themselves from false allegations - there are some excerpts from these recordings
All a bit worrying

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Fri 03 Feb 2023 03:47 »
Tuesday 31st January 2023
NPL Premier Division
Liversedge   1   v   0   Gainsborough Trinity
Jack Hall; Gordon Greaves, Matt Coles
Funnily enough I also watched Gainsborough Trinity play away from home on Tuesday evening; at Grantham Town in the Lincolnshire Senior Cup Quarter Final.  A number of previous failed attempts to play the game had apparently left the visitors fearing a fine from the Lincolnshire FA if they cried off due to the deadline for the round to be completed.

Grantham Town 3 v 0 Gainsborough Trinity
Lee Hartley; Aimee Keir, Laura Van Lier; Ellis Mills

Gainsborough predictably fielded a team of youth players and trialists and Grantham appeared to have followed suit.  It looked and felt like a youth team game.  A refereeing team of one level three and three level fours unsurprisingly had no difficulty in keeping this under control and were comfortably the most impressive performers on a cold, windy evening.

Interesting to note that the two female assistants appear to be highly thought of in Lincolnshire

General Discussion / Re: Memership of this forum
« on: Fri 03 Feb 2023 03:32 »
Oh dear !! - when I first posted this question I had no idea that all this potential unpleasantness/legal possibilities even existed around these kind of forums
one certainly lives and learns even though one is 'getting on a bit'
Thank you to posters for enlightening me

General Discussion / Re: Memership of this forum
« on: Thu 02 Feb 2023 18:50 »
I often wonder how many of SG1/2 and other Div1/2 officials  are members of this forum and whether all the many comments etc have any effect on them at all
I know there is no way of  knowing this but I would find it interesting

IIRC and I stand to be corrected, I'm sure I read on a previous RTR topic some time ago that the forum is monitored by somebody or a footballing organisation (in addition to RTR Admins/Moderators) but I can't remember by whom.

Its monitored by the FA, PGMOL, UEFA etc

Why ?

Edited to fix the quote thingamajigga

A few years ago 2 PGMOL employees decided to sign up using aliases & had a public spat that later ended up in court. Aside of the forum ending up all over the national media, I had to go to court for that one.  There's also been a few disciplinary hearings over the years, I've seen as many of those as some of the discipline committee, throw in a few, mainly young academy refs revealing FIFA/UEFA appointments early and nearly costing our FIFA refs appointments and more libel/defamation threats of legal action against us than VAR can ever hope of making correct interventions, amongst other things has seen us get monitored. The forum has changed a lot over the years, it used to be hostile and aggressive. The current admin team have worked very hard to clean it up and get it to the much nicer place it is now.

Does all this mean that serving ref/assistants of the groups mentioned are not allowed to register for the forum?

General Discussion / Memership of this forum
« on: Thu 02 Feb 2023 04:56 »
I often wonder how many of SG1/2 and other Div1/2 officials  are members of this forum and whether all the many comments etc have any effect on them at all
I know there is no way of  knowing this but I would find it interesting

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