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General Discussion / Re: J BROOKS: LIVERPOOL V VILLA
« on: Sun 21 May 2023 04:39 »
Because he appears to do anything he likes with complete disregard to anyone else (although I do not know the regulations regarding this)  - he is, in my opinion, the most unpleasant, arrogant person,I have seen recently involved in Premiership football at the moment  (although of course I do not know him personally) - this is how he 'comes over' to many people - not a very good 'role model' to present

General Discussion / Re: Pyramid Patrol 2022/23
« on: Fri 19 May 2023 19:47 »
With the regular season over and just one match remaining, it is time, once again, to express thanks to aaa for his sterling work throughout the season in posting details of appointments. His work is invaluable - and much appreciated.

Thanks to all who keep the site functioning smoothly, to the officials who run the various leagues and especially to the volunteers whose hard work  keeps their clubs running.

Best wishes to referees at all levels for an enjoyable Summer. Come back refreshed and raring to go next season - and remember: JCFC knows nothing about refereeing, so you are always far better than he could ever have aspired to be.

JCFC - just a word of thanks for keeping us (me anyway) entertained with all your amusing antics travelling to and reporting on lower League matches which makes a refreshing change from Premiership etc - so well done and thank you

General Discussion / klopp
« on: Fri 19 May 2023 18:39 »
I've just noticed in the news that Mr Klopp has said that he will only pay the fine if it goes to a 'a good cause' - surely he cannot be allowed to try and dictate like this - he also says it doesn't make a lot of difference where he watches the match on Saturday - what arrogance this - who does he think he is?
Perhaps he should be employed by FA!!!!!!!!
It seems completely pointless in giving any disciplinary action - he just seems to 'laughing' at the FA
How sad this is

General Discussion / Klopp Fine - P Tierney
« on: Thu 18 May 2023 18:45 »
What is the point of giving Mr Klopp a two game ban and then suspending one till the end of next season - why? -absolutely ridiculous in my opinion - and will have little effect on future behaviour - surely at least they should have been two consecutive matches - by the time the end of next season cmes it will all be fogotten
I don't suppose the fine will be much of a hardship

General Discussion / Re: P TIERNEY: LIV V TOT
« on: Tue 02 May 2023 04:49 »
Klopp is reported as saying that he was wrong to be so "in the face" of John Brooks. Well, at least it is something that he realises his abusive behaviour was unacceptable and I hope, if he has any decency in him which he may well have, that he offers a private apology to Brooks whom I am sure would be gracious enough to accept.

What I think is potentially more serious is his attempt to smear Paul Tierney with such vague and unsubstantiated allegations. I am pleased the PGMOL has completely exonerated Tierney from any unprofessionalism and so while he is on the phone, Klopp should also call Tierney and offer an apology for the disgraceful slur which he attempted to perpetrate.

I think PL referees are now caught between a rock and a hard place in that the powers that be seem reluctant to offer serious sanctions for serious misdemeanours and seem to expect match officials to put up with intolerable abuse.

I agree with all you say except that 'so called apologies' mean absolutely nothing these days (this applies to other situations outside of football such as politics etc)and do they really mean it anyway? - I also think this way about H Webb phoning apologies to clubs on behalf referees about decisions made - does it really make any difference? I wouldn't think so - all this may sound a bit cynical but that is how I feel

General Discussion / Re: Dean Whitestone SU vs WBA
« on: Fri 28 Apr 2023 04:15 »
He's been a Met Police officer for over 19 years and has worked in the following areas:

Response team police officer
Robbery cars
Youth violence team
Youth engagement team
Neighbourhood policing team
Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection.
Officer Safety Instructor.

I remember him being in the child violence team before AFCB's premier league days but whether that is still the case I have no idea. That is a very specialised role as is the DPG. DPG is also very hard to get into so if that is his current role he's certainly not going to give that up for a few years as a professional referee & it's not a role that can be done part time so he could juggle both.

Sorry to appear a bit confused with this but I thought referees at this level were full time which I assume means just that - so how is it possible for Mr Whitestone to be employed by The Met ? at the same time -I have obviously missed something - must be age!!!

General Discussion / Re: Changes under Howard Webb
« on: Thu 20 Apr 2023 18:28 »
I feel rather sad that all this 'tinkering' with VAR and putting just about every incident under the microscope is taking away the spontaneity,in my opinion, of the game
I find I am now not really interested in the Premiership partly because of all this and rarely, if ever, will watch a match in the in the Premiership
I suppose it is progress but not for me

I hope that this does not permeate downwards but I suppose this is a matter of time

General Discussion / Re: rebecca welch
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 19:19 »
Yes -sorry about this completely misread - my aplogies

General Discussion / Re: rebecca welch
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 19:12 »
Which game is she listed for on Sunday - I canít seem to find it?

Arsenal v Chelsea  woens fa cup semifinal

General Discussion / rebecca welch
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 18:43 »
I see Ms Welch is at Carlisle on Saturday, womens semi-final on Sunday and  Harrogate on Tuesday - would this be an acceptable programe or likely to be replaced for one of yhe fixtures?

General Discussion / foreign refs/todays article in i paper
« on: Fri 14 Apr 2023 17:36 »
Has anyone seen this article in todays I Paper - I dont know if this link will work but basically about importing foreign
referees to help the current? crisis in refereeing here in Uk
I for one hopes this will never happen - far too much foreign influence already with owners.managers (many of whom are difficult to understand in interviews) and players

General Discussion / Progress?
« on: Mon 10 Apr 2023 07:23 »
I'm finding it increasingly depressing reading the reports of mainly premiership matches which seem to be about such things as 'was it offside,was it a penalty,did he handle,did he kick the opponent,did he abuse match official.and all the numerous other things thst crop up'
It seems to me  that the fun side of football is now missing - I used to go to a match and thoroughly enjoy the afternoon, more so if your team won - part of this fun included -comments about the referee performance etc. was quickly forgotten until the next match - and I suppose this still applies at lower level matches - but obviously the introduction of things such as VAR has meant that  it is now a different kind game at Premiership level than anywhere else - I know progress  is inevitable but if 2 matches were broadcast at the same time on free to watch TV - a Premiership  and a Conference game I know which one I would choose

As far as I can tell from various posts she has had a good season so far and survived very well , in comparison with every other referee who are all male - this must be overall good for the game and I look forward to the next female referee to be appointed whoever that might be

General Discussion / Is this really true?
« on: Thu 23 Mar 2023 17:37 »
According to an article in yesterdays I Paper 'We're running out of referees because of the abuse that they take' - 'desensitisation of referee abuse' is turning young officials away from the job so that 'the pool of new referees coming into the game is almost dry'
Very sad and disturbing if true
Is this really the true picture?

General Discussion / Re: C Kavanagh- Man Utd vs Fulham
« on: Sun 19 Mar 2023 20:37 »
I wonder how all this will affect CK  - is he the sort of person to be able to put it behind him and get on with his next appointment. We hear so much these days about mental health - is there any help available to support referees who may need it?

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