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News & Announcements / Re: not displaying properly
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2023 17:45 »
It could be the photos on page 13 throwing everything out of kilter?

Welcome to the EFL for Abigail Byrne, albeit as 4O.

Not sure I recall seeing her on the appointments list before but no doubt someone wiser than me will know.

Quite a few of the 2b refs have done 4th official duties this season, it’s becoming the normal.  More for the EFL trophy early rounds. 
She has done a few this season

What goes around ...... used to happen all the time in the 80s / 90s .....

General Discussion / Re: D ORSATO: BAYERN V PSG
« on: Thu 09 Mar 2023 08:01 »
Almost 35 minutes in Orsato hasnt been bad personally but  I feel he is struggling from the effects of a injury he picked up , as always seems to remain in middle of the pitch as much as he can and this causes him to get in the way of play , he seems to jog through matches because imo of the effects of the injury which sidelined him for sometime

No doubt someone will disagree, and I will respect that opinion as I always do the above is just my opinion based on the opening 35 minutes so far

This has been a very general comment with Orsato. He's had many injuries over the past 2 or 3 years and has always looked leggy. His performance tonight has been perfect sf bar one missed foul which sparked a slight bust up between Galtier and Nagelsmann on the touchline.

You leave me out of this - I wasn't even there!!

It was disappointing that Fernandez hitting the AR was not sanctioned.  A number of parks referees will get thumped next weekend and you can draw a direct causal relationship between these events.

In addition, the number of occasions when players of both sides (well all professional sides actually) have feigned injury in order to get an opponent into trouble is on the rise.  In this game, a Manchester United player attempted to do this after about 75 minutes when they were (only) 4-0 down.  Lets imagine that - in a parallel universe - this attempt at deception was successful (both with the referee and VAR) and the Liverpool player was red carded.  It is highly unlikely that this act of deception would have changed the result, so why do it?  Its now the "leaned" response of a player to respond to any physical contact - however minimal - in this theatrical way.

If successfully deceiving a match official is punishable with a two-match ban, surely an unsuccessful attempt should attract the same sanction?  Or are we saying that while murder is a crime, attempted murder is not?

A couple of hours a week reviewing the weekend's games followed by two-match bans for the "feigners" would have this problem solved in six weeks.  But we know that it is not going to happen, because of the powers-that-be wanted that they would have empowered the match officials to deal with it.  And they have clearly done pretty much 100% the opposite.

General Discussion / Re: Neil Swarbrick
« on: Tue 28 Feb 2023 10:53 »
I have no strong opinions on Neil Swarbrick but he has been a good servant to the game of football. I do not like to see people being happy when others lose their jobs even if it is the correct decision. (I'm not judging that either way in this case.) I hope he has a long and happy retirement and finds fulfilment in whatever else he chooses to do.

I hate that expression. He was making a living out of the game. The true servants are the thousands of people who keep non-league football running, without remuneration, simply for their love of the game.

He, like all of us, started out as a referee on the local parks.  Despite the remuneration, I would describe every parks referee as a servant of the game - Neil Swarbrick certainly started out that way.  An opportunity then arose for him to turn his hobby into his job and he took it (who would not have?).  Had that opportunity not arisen, it is pretty likely that he would have continued refereeing as a hobby (as opposed to his employment).

172 - William Cleere was universally known as Bill.
149 - Colin Boswell.

Jim Parker was also called Eddie IIRC?

Alas, he was one serious card shark in his prime who had the frequent comment made about him that “he carded anything that moved”.

Edward James - known as Jim.  the fastest card in the north-west.

Jim or sometimes Jimmy Borrett was certainly one of the 'characters' of the refereeing world. Very popular in officiating circles in East Anglia and I believe many of the League Clubs enjoyed having him as their referee. However he wasn't an 'establishment' man and so the powers that be didn't raise him to the height which his talent probably deserved.

Agree with that.  there is a (probably untrue, both worth telling) story that a Football League club complained to Lytham St. Annes' that he was seen eating a fish and chips supper a couple of hours before a game and that it was "highly unprofessional".  The reply from the Fylde coast was that his performance could not have been too bad as the club in question had marked him 8/10!!

Having met Jim, I'd really like to believe it was true ....

General Discussion / Re: RIP John Motson
« on: Thu 23 Feb 2023 17:06 »
I had the pleasure of meeting John Motson on a few occasions. A thoroughly likeable man with no side to him or pretensions at all. He felt enormously fortunate to be doing the job he did and we were very fortunate to listen to his commentaries which were always fair minded and informative.

I met him as well and 100% agree with your comment.  He commentated on the Marlow .v. Plymouth Argyle FA Cup tie in November 1993 and chatted with the match officials at length before the game.  Off topic, but Peter Shilton was managing Argyle at the time.

Rest in peace.

I Spy Old Refs! / Re: Football League Match Officials 1985-86
« on: Mon 20 Feb 2023 18:14 »
269   McMenamin   James "Jim"   Orpington   KEN             

I remember Jim.  He came south from Scotland (a la Bobby Madden) because of work and - because of his seniority within Scottish Refereeing circles - slotted into the "Panel" as it was then.  He refereed Conference and Football Combination games and lined on the Football League.  Despite living in Orpington, I am pretty sure that he was a London FA referee as I have a vague memory of lining to him in either a London Senior Cup tie, or an early FA Appointment (which was delegated to the London FA.

The problem with cautions / send offs in cup competitions only resulting in suspensions in the same competition is that a player in a team that is losing a cup-tie can commit misconduct safe in the knowledge that any suspension will be served next season (if at all).  Its a "free-hit" and, unfortunate that it is for the Newcastle 'keeper, thems the breaks (as one of our recent ex-PMs said).

OK - here goes, any where I am not 100% certain have "??" at the end:-

94 - Basil Baker.
97 - Graham Bargery ??
117 - Michael (Mike) Bullivent - later FL Ref.
146 - Graham Crafter - later became something big in Korfball officiating.
147 - Vernon Crew.
151 - Philip (Phil) Crossley - later FL Ref.
158 - Derek Daughtery.
161 - Alan Dawson ??
164 - Philip (Phil) Don - later FL and FIFA Ref.
179 - W A (Tony) Flood ??.
180 - Peter Foakes - later FL Ref and father to England wicket-keeper Ben.
181 - Philip (Phil) Forsdick ??
182 - David (Dave) Frampton - later FL Ref.
190 - Emerson Griffith - a trail blazer for black Football League officials.
201 - Paul (T P) Healy.
202 - Peter (Pete) Helsby ??
203 - Colin Henderson.
241 - David Keen.
255 - Stuart Louden ??
259 - David (Dave) Madgwick ??
269 - James (Jim) McMenamin.
278 - Kelvin Morton - later FL Ref.
280 - A P (Tony) Murphy) ??
290 - E J (Jim / James) Parker - later FL Ref.
294 - Roger Pawley - later FL Ref.
295 - Colin Peake.
299 - Ronald (Ron) Pearl ??
300 - Geoffrey (Geoff)  Pearson - later FL Ref ??
310 - Barry Priest ??
311 - Christopher (Chris) Proud.
329 - Richard Saunders.
330 - Paul Scoble - later FL Ref.
333 - David (Dave) - Shadwell ??
340 - A W S (Arthur) Smith - later FL Ref and General Secretary of the Referees' Association.
353 - Michael (Mike) Taylor ??
361 - Michael (Mike) Topping ??
369 - Michael (Mick) Vigus.
276 - Keith Wenham.
285 - A C (Tony) Williams.

300 Geoffrey 'Geoff' Pearson, agreed yes, another Surrey colleague in former days. However, he did not get on to the referees list and I'm wondering whether you're thinking of Roger Pearson of Peterlee who did make it on to the list.

You are, of course, right.  Its not a conflation of Pearsons, just a failing of (one's own) memory.

Disappointed (but not surprised) to hear Eddie Howe saying it was probably the right decision but he did not know the Law on handball.  He is only the coach of the fourth best football team in the country, perhaps his employers do not require him to know the laws / rules of the game he works in??

General Discussion / Re: A TAYLOR: ARSENAL V M CITY
« on: Thu 16 Feb 2023 18:26 »
I think he’s been superb in a highly charged atmosphere and game.

This is the first game since Webb had called the meeting of all SG1 officials and the early stamping out of time wasting with a card in the first half hour or so looks like a possible result of such discussions.

Will be interesting to see if that measure is continued into the weekend.

After the early caution for time wasting, I wondered out loud if this had almost given Ederson a free-pass to push his luck with time wasting.  The odds of a referee at this level giving a goal-keeper (or any player) two yellow cards for time wasting are higher than of me winning the lottery jackpot (and I do not play the lottery!!

General Discussion / Re: R JONES: M CITY V A VILLA
« on: Thu 16 Feb 2023 18:22 »
Yes, they do. I watched Burnley v Watford and an incident at a corner was farcical with players falling around, grappling and feigning injury. FA should have charged both teams for failing to control their players! Embarrassing. Player behaviour now is horrendous.

Maybe we do not help ourselves when we have referees reminding players:
~ Not to grapple at a corner kick,
~ Not to encroach at a penalty kick.
~ Where to stand (as a goal-keeper) at a penalty kick.

We should not be undertaking basic law instruction mid-game with top level professional footballers.  Perhaps the referee should confirm with the manager / captain before the game that the players know the Laws of the game and then - during the game - apply them.  Just a thought.

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