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General Discussion / Re: M SALISBURY - Palace v Bournemouth
« on: Sun 14 May 2023 21:52 »
A red card all day long.
We used to have inconsistencies in referees making decisions and the alleged rub of the green favouring certain teams. Since the advent of var we now have these questions raised about var, so now we are more inconsistent than ever apart from the factual decisions like offside.

One of the weakest SG1 officiating performances I’ve come across this season. Echo many of the previous points raised. I can only assume Madley is so confident in his own abilities to manage the game that he failed to sanction the early incidents. He got caught out today and it was close to being a total disaster. Clear misconduct has to be properly dealt with, and we had several instances of that early on. It’s ended up with a player leaving the ground with his foot in a protective boot and a couple of other lucky escapes

The Hatzidakis error is something you’d expect from a (poor) club lino on a weekend, not a FIFA official. Hopton also missed a clear foul by Nketiah in the second half right in front of him with Madley, unsurprisingly, not seeing it either.

About the only positive was him cautioning Arteta - he must be racking them up this season. Genuine question…Presumably accumulation of cautions (leading to a suspension) works the same for managers as for players?

Fortunately Brighton’s brilliant display means many outside of here won’t be talking about the officiating
Madley is adhering to how his bosses wish him to referee.
The sooner we ditch this managing a game mentality the sooner the better, if players cannot behave whilst on the pitch then they should be sanctioned in any minute during the game whoever they are.
Managing situations leaves referees open to all manners of criticism and a lack of consistency.

Any thoughts on the penalty kick awarded to Spurs late on.
From my seat abt level with the penalty area line at the opposite end, i thought Bankes was correct to award a Corner, i was a long way away though.
Var intervened and Bankes awarded a penalty kick in favour of Kane.
Subsequent replays i have seen lead me to believe that Bankes should have been strong and stuck to his original decision of Corner Kick, in fact i dont think var should have intervened at all.
I being a Villa fan try to be fair in my assesment of refereeing decisions but feel Kane may have got to the ball first but initiated the contact with the goalkeeper.

General Discussion / Re: SG1 Talk
« on: Sun 14 May 2023 13:27 »
Gone are the days of the Southern brigade we had of Styles, Bennett, Probert, East and of course Barry Knight. 😳

One of life’s eternal great mysteries - how on earth did Barry Knight make it to the SG??? 😱 😱😱
If I recall he was promoted at the same time as Barber and Bennett, who both made a success of their elevated status.

His most famous match is when he wore out his circle red card and reduced Newcastle to 8 after the Bowyer/Dyer punch up and the Taylor DOGSO handball.
Beat me to it. Gave Villa two pens and missed one for handball by JLloyd Samuel which didnt please Mr Souness.

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Sat 13 May 2023 21:47 »
Will this mean finals will be done only by SG1 officials again then?

More than likely, unless some of the SG2 refs have had VAR training. There's a possibility that they have, especially those in contention for promotion. Some other countries train their 2nd league refs as standard whereas England hasn't taken that route.

Even if they have had training, I don't see how they can appoint officials that have never used VAR on such vital games without them having any practical experience of using it.

Yes, I'd agree. I think the only non-SG1 officials I could imagine possibly being used would be those who've officiated in games using VAR, such as Tim Robinson, Darren Bond and Bobby Madley having refereed PL games this season.
I would add Rebecca Welch to that list

General Discussion / Re: A SOARES DIAS: RMA V MCI
« on: Tue 09 May 2023 22:28 »
Not Brilliant but not poor either.
Probably refereed the games as his uefa superiors will have wanted.
I am not a fan of game management i prefer to see a strong referee administering sanctions from minute one, if players cant behave why should  a referee be made to look poor or weak by trying to manage a game.

Some good advantages, some missed fouls and cautions, a mixed bag.

I am sure Rudiger knew what he was doing early in the clash with Gundogan using a strong arm for him to run into, he is a strong defender who pushes limits time and again.

Think the second leg may have Kovacs in charge, i hope so, but knowing uefa they will probably go for Siebert.

Select Group - Premier League / Re: FL PlayOff 2023
« on: Tue 09 May 2023 22:14 »
Sg2 officials for first legs of championship play offs, reckon because of sg1 officials required over the weekend period. Think Robinson and. R Madley will become sg1 this summer.
Think Marriner may be in with a shout for championship play off final and if it were to be his last game it would be a fitting tribute for him (Moss got last years final as he blew his vinyl whistle).
Good appointments for Backhouse and Kitchen, promotion beckons?
Backhouse was good when i saw him earlier in the season in Cleethorpes.
As some have said perhaps Rebecca Welch in with a chance of the league 2 final or may well be involved in the latter stages of the WSL.

The team at Chelsea looks like a good possibility for the F A cup final to me.
Bennett may be unavailable to travel to europe thus why they placed Betts with Oliver in advance to give them game time together, something similar happened with Nunn and Betts in Taylors team earlier this year.

Surprised to see Bankes with the Villa v Spurs game, Bankes seems to have received a few good games since he relinquished his FIFA badge.

Seen it confirmed on Facebook that today will be his last game
Woolmer ?

Oliver had another very good match, he kets the game flow but still stamps his authority on it. Only questionable thing for me was the penalty given to Southampton in the dying minutes looked very soft to me at best.

9th May: 20:00 : Live on BT Sport 1

Real Madrid v Manchester City

Artur Dias POR

Assistant referees
Paulo Soares POR
Pedro Ribeiro POR

Fourth official
Daniele Orsato ITA

Video Assistant Referee
Massimiliano Irrati ITA

Assistant Video Assistant Referee
Tiago Martins POR

UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Ronald Zimmermann (GER)
Very surprised with this appointment thought it would go to Kovacs, he may get the return leg in Manchester to keep someone happy or either of the two milan games. Tho i guess uefa might appoint Orsato to the Real v City second leg

General Discussion / Re: A MARRINER - Brighton v Man U
« on: Fri 05 May 2023 21:04 »
Andre must be getting mighty close to 400 PL games. Do we know how many he has to go after last night? If he is retiring at the end of the season, it would be good if he could get to the 400 before he goes.
According to a few newspaper reports dd 21.3.23 he had done 386 games, i believe he has only done 2 since, everton v newcastle and lastnights brighton v man utd.


General Discussion / Re: P TIERNEY: LIV V TOT
« on: Wed 03 May 2023 18:11 »
You cannot say that there are insufficent referees in sg1 hence why Tierney has refereed Liverpool so many times, especially when there are many under used officials this season to name but 3 Scott, Bramall, and Marriner.
The pgmol have used a few referees from sg2 over this season and could have used more had they fit especially during the absences of Harrington and Kavanagh.
This reminds me of my younger local refereeing days when our appointments secretary sent certain referees with their consent to referee teams where perceived problems had arisen ie the more you complain about the referee the more often you will get him.

If Tierney gets the F A cup final this season then i guess it more than likely he will officiate Liverpool again this season, as he wont be appointed to man city and man utd. I will have a guess he gets Liverpool v Villa second to last game of season.

Wonder if Cann will be fit for duty at anfield tomorrow night?

General Discussion / Re: Rob Jones, Ars vs Che
« on: Tue 02 May 2023 22:15 »
Decent showing from Jones, positioning questionable a few times when he found himself in the way of the players.

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