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What is Turpin going to learn from Riley? 🤔😂
Its more likely Riley will learn from Turpin i would have thought

General Discussion / Re: Leeds v West Brom - Matt Donohue
« on: Fri 18 Aug 2023 22:15 »
Plenty of controversy in this one a goal scored by a hand, the player who took the shot could have been sent off for 2 yellow cards and a penalty appeal where a West Brom player missed the ball and brought down Gelhardt.

Leeds fans won’t be impressed
The goal would have been chalked off for handball had var been in operation, the referee cant see it through players and probably same to be said for the assistant.
The penalty appeal was a good call by the referee the Leeds player Gelhardt touched the ball on to Kipre the west brom players foot, so corner correct decision.

General Discussion / Re: S A HOOPER - Man U v Wolves
« on: Mon 14 Aug 2023 22:19 »
A very controversial end to proceedings when VAR Salisbury didn’t suggest Hooper goes to the monitor after Onana cleaned out the Wolves player in the box.

How that isn’t a penalty or at least a monitor referral as a minimum is quite baffling.
Judging on that non onfield/ var call Emi Martinez must be thinking he was unlucky to get a yellow card on saturday at Newcastle (tongue in cheek).

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 18th – Sun 20th AUG 2023
« on: Mon 14 Aug 2023 18:04 »
David Webb might as well set off now...
Part of the pmgol’s carbon footprint policy

3rd August 2023

Group A:

Essex Vs Nottinghamshire
Umpires: Ben Peverall and Surendiran Shanmugam
Match Referee: Jason Swift

Surrey Vs Leicestershire
Umpires: Neil Bainton and Phil Mustard
Match Referee: Sarah Bartlett

Yorkshire Vs Lancashire (Scarborough)
Umpires: Naeem Ashraf and Sue Redfern
Match Referee: TBC
Think the match referee yorks v lancs was ian herbert

Was Mallender ill and had to be replaced lol?

I guess it isnt good to have a ghost standing at the bowlers end in a shite ball game.

Warren and Saggers performed well, difficult 50/50 call by Llong in the final re the “catch” by Critchley of his own bowling. Not sure he had conclusive evidence to overturn the soft signal from the umpires ( the soft signal is still used in county cricket).

One other thing picked up from sky coverage is the no ball being called without a free hit for balls above head against wide in intl cricket.
The late Jeremy Lloyds when explaining this was in favour as he said the batter could hit the ball in said circumstances and not be penalised if no ball is called whereas if the batter
Hits a ball above head height it cannot be called wide.

Not sure she would see much at Wembley as the game is in Manchester!
Thanks for correcting me RCG.

I wonder if there is a naughty step in Manchester?

Think missy bmb could be on a uk tour with a visit to Scotland on Tues too lol

19 June 2023

18:00 CET - Trnava (Štadión Antona Malatinského)
Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Aurélien Drouet (FRA)
Fourth Official: Bastien Dechepy (FRA)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Erol Ersoy (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Luis Cuervas Del Real (ESP)

18:00 CET - Yerevan (Republican Stadium after Vazgen Sargsyan)
Referee: Peter Kralović (SVK)
Assistant Referee 1: Milan Štrbo (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Tomáš Vore (SVK)
Fourth Official: Martin Dohal (SVK)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Michael Argyrou (CYP)
UEFA Delegate: Adrian D. Casha (MLT)

18:00 CET - Helsinki (Helsinki Olympic Stadium)
Referee: Genc Nuza (KOS)
Assistant Referee 1: Fatlum Berisha (KOS)
Assistant Referee 2: Bujar Selimaj (KOS)
Fourth Official: Visar Kastrati (KOS)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Ladislav Gadosi (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Peadar Ryan (IRL)

20:45 CET - Saint Denis (Stade de France)
Referee: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Pau Cebrián Devís (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Del Palomar (ESP)
Fourth Official: José Luis Munuera (ESP)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Stephen Lodge (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: István Huszár (HUN)

20:45 CET - Dublin (Dublin Arena)
Referee: Marian Alexandru Barbu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Mihai Marica (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Imre Laszlo Bucsi (ROU)
Fourth Official: Sebastian Colţescu (ROU)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Duško Grabovac (CRO)

20:45 CET - Manchester (Old Trafford)
Referee: István Kovács (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Vasile Florin Marinescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Ovidiu Artene (ROU)

Fourth Official: Radu Petrescu (ROU)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Andrey Medintsev (BUL)

20:45 CET - Samsun (Samsun Yeni 19 Mayıs Stadium)
Referee: Fabio Maresca (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Daniele Bindoni (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Alberto Tegoni (ITA)
Fourth Official: Luca Massimi (ITA)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Lucilio Batista (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Sergiu Lisnic (MDA)

20:45 CET - Belfast (National Football Stadium at Windsor Park)
Referee: Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: David Elias Biton (ISR)
Assistant Referee 2: Sagy Metzamber (ISR)
Fourth Official: Snir Levy (ISR)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Lassin Isaksen (FRO)
UEFA Delegate: Mohamed Taa (FRA)

20:45 CET - Ljubljana (Stadion Stožice)
Referee: François Letexier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mehdi Rahmouni (FRA)
Fourth Official: Jérémy Stinat (FRA)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Fritz Stuchlik (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: John Taylor (ENG)

20:45 CET - Lucerne (Swissporarena)
Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Ciro Carbone (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
Fourth Official: Andrea Colombo (ITA)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Antonio Fernandez Marin (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Kazimierz Oleszek (POL)

20:45 CET -  Jerusalem (Teddy Stadium)
Referee: Dragomir Draganov (BUL)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Venev (BUL)
Assistant Referee 2: Hristo Hadzhiyski (BUL)
Fourth Official: Nikola Popov (BUL)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Georgios Bikas (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Miroslaw Ryszka (POL)

20:45 CET - Budapest (Szusza Ferenc Stadion)
Referee: Julian Weinberger (AUT)
Assistant Referee 1: Andreas Heidenreich (AUT)
Assistant Referee 2: Sara Telek (AUT)
Fourth Official: Alexander Harkam( AUT)
Video Assistant Referee:
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
UEFA Referee Observer: Christopher Lautier (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Knut Bjřrn Nordheim (NOR)
Missy bmb will like one of those appointments especially, a trip to wembley on monday i guess or a trip to belfast ?

Stayed in the background, let the players get on with it, so much better to have two sides like these two in a final.
Hardly noticed them.
That is probably the best comment you can ever make of a refereeing team.

Well done to West Ham.
Thought the officials had a decent game, especially Guadalupe Porras Ayuso with two tight correct decisions, one offside in the first half and one not which turned out to be the winner. She was also quick to inform the referee of the throwing incident and move away quickly.

7th June 2023

North Group:

Birmingham Bears Vs Derbyshire
Umpires: Tom Lungley and Neil Mallender
Match Referee: Dean Cosker

Lancashire Vs Worcestershire (Blackpool)
Umpires: Graham Lloyd and Neil Pratt
Match Referee: Will Smith

South Group:

Glamorgan Vs Surrey
Umpires: Paul Baldwin and Ian Blackwell
Match Referee: Phil Whitticase

Hampshire Vs Somerset
Umpires: Mike Burns and Mark Newell
Match Referee: Simon Hinks

Kent Vs Essex
Umpires: Ben Debenham and Nigel Llong
Third Umpire: Neil Bainton
Match Referee: Steve Davis
Mallender re aquainting himself with Edgbaston prior to finals day i notice.

Hige congratulations to Sue Redfern, today becoming the first female on field in a T20 blast game. Another barrier broken!

Indeed quite an achievement. Would be remarkable if she were to make finals day too… 😛

Ahahaha that’s reserved for a certain Neil Mallender we all know this
Cant have the finals day without the ghost.

General Discussion / Re: SG1 Referee Stats
« on: Mon 05 Jun 2023 19:06 »
Tierney is clearly over used. Surprising Oliver is top of the reviews list

Coote and Bankes are very strict referees. Oliver giving out the least cards is not a surprise

Some surprising ones, Pawson looks a bit out of favour this season, Marriner hardly done any, Kavanagh/Harrington obviously had injuries.

Surprised Taylor hasn't done the same amount of games as Oliver.

PL games by referee

Tierney & Oliver - 30
Taylor - 29
Hooper - 28
Jones - 25
A.Madley & Attwell - 24
Bankes & Pawson - 21
Coote - 20
Brooks - 18
England - 17
Gillet - 16
Salisbury - 15
Kavanagh - 13
Marriner - 12
Bramall - 7
Harrington & Scott - 6
Bond - 4
Robinson - 2
Smith & B.Madley - 1

Wasn't Taylor refereeing in the Club World Cup for a week or two? There's only 1 game different between him and Oliver anyway.

England and Gillett are perhaps a little lower than I might have expected at the start of the season but there's quite a few bunched together so there's always the risk of reading too much into it. England was replaced on Leicester V Wolves late on due to refereeing Leicester the week before for instance so that was potentially 1 more for  Madley and 1 fewer for England.

Very few PL appointments for Scott and not that many for Bramall.
I think you will also find Oliver was away for short period early feb after becoming a father for the first time.

We cannot just CANNOT lose a referee of Anthony Taylor's quality and experience because of this because if we do the ramifications right down to grass roots football is not worth thinking about.
I would hope Anthony would wish to carry on refereeing after this cowardly attack, however if he felt he didnt wish to travel abroad again refereeing, i would hope he carried on in england.

The handball law is similar to the offside law, the more the powers that be change the wording the more the law becomes an ass.
Subjective material is involved in both laws. If you asked you 100 referees if the laws should allow you to give penalty for the incident yday the best consensus you would get would probably be 60/40 in favour or against.
Slow motion replays do nothing to help matters either, the game is played at full speed not in slow motion.

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