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Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 5th Tue 9th FEB 2021
« on: Fri 05 Feb 2021 19:11 »
Huge game at the top of league 1, Hull V Lincoln - thought it might have gone SG2 but rather underwhelmingly, is Mr Stockbridge.
Big game for Toner Bolton v Salford

Long trip for speedie to Devon  :-\
What do these L1 and L2 series of appointments tell us about whose star is rising and whose is falling ? A little while ago Ross Joyce and Alan Young seemed to be in favour but they have certainly gone backwards I think. As for those on the up, Marc Edwards perhaps, Will Finnie certainly, and Benjamin Speedie and Samuel Barrott without any doubt.  Thoughts ?

Hope Marc Edwards has a better game tomorrow at Scunthorpe, then he had at Shrewsbury on Tuesday night, after the Crewe player had is leg broken by an horrendous and intentional challenge from his opponent, for which he played on with the player in pain on the ground and cautioned the offending player  when play stopped.

An astonishing couple of incidents involving Tom Nield at Crewe v Fleetwood. First of all, a Fleetwood player launched himself into an X-rated challenge in front of the dugout and received just a yellow card. You could see why Crewe manager David Artell was furious and one wonders why the 4O Peter Wright did not intervene to get a red card issued instead. Then, from the resulting free kick, the Crewe player Mandron unintentionally but clearly played the ball with his hand before netting the equaliser, and the goal was allowed to stand, with Tom waving his arms around like a windmill for some unknown reason. Not good in my view. 

Not the first time he has made mistakes in a Crewe game, he  did so last season when they played down at Plymouth, he does seem to come in for comments on a regular basis from managers about his performances.

Great appointments all round.
Good to see both Jones and England with a game - following Coote/Madley who had a game in their first season!

Excellent games for Attwell and Madley

Good to see Rob Jones getting some good appointments

Select Group - Premier League / Re: Fri 4th Mon 7th DEC 2020
« on: Tue 01 Dec 2020 15:19 »
Good game for Jones - seems to have been a Covid outbreak at Newcastle so hope it's not postponed!

Atkinson sensible choice for NLD - I wonder if that's the first time he and Kavanagh have worked together since the Wolves-Man Utd FA Cup game when Atkinson was reportedly unhappy with Kavanagh's decision to overrule him?

 Marriner gets first PL game with fans returning.

I agree good appointment ,for Rob Jones thou as things are regards Covid with Newcastle may well be postponed which would be had look for him

Drysdale with another tv appearance this season...

Joyce with the massive non league clash and an impressive prize at stake for both.... remember Liverpool v Havant a while back?

Watched the Cheltenham v Crewe game on BBC iplayer James Adcock had a very poor game, didn't look interested and  was inconsistent in his decision making for both teams, and when making decisions was always well away from play. I am sure the appointed Observer will be able to offer him plenty of advise with  after his performance.

Great first game for Rob Jones hope it goes well, has a good team with him

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2020
« on: Thu 20 Aug 2020 17:04 »
Good to see Rob Jones promoted to SG1, fully deserved, and could turn out to be one of the best English referees for the future, the potential is there, also congratulations to all match officials promoted and hope they all have a good season in 2020/21

His first ever UCL QF. And again with PSG after R16.

But an excellent appointment. Good luck.

It is debatable if he is the best after FA Cup Final performance, but still a very good appointment for him, lets hope he does well

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: PlayOffs 2020
« on: Tue 07 Jul 2020 15:19 »
Good appointment again for Rob Jones  it would appear that he will be promoted at the end of the season, is a far better referee than some that operate on the premier league at the present time. Has the ability  to go along way and is a real nice guy.

General Discussion / Re: Promotion 2020
« on: Thu 25 Jun 2020 19:51 »
Sorry to see Joe Hull has decided to end his career, i watched him come through the ranks, and he  has done well, was always a very reliable referee and as previously stated  a nice bloke.

Select Group 2 / Re: Fri 6th - Sun 8th MAR 2020
« on: Thu 05 Mar 2020 19:18 »
Another good appointment for Rob Jones, he seems to be appointed to all the big games, surely he must be promoted at the end of this season. He is already better than some Premier league referees, after seeing some of them perform this season.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 22nd Tue 25th FEB 2020
« on: Sun 23 Feb 2020 11:16 »
 I would agree  Ross Joyce had a good game yesterday in the Cheshire derby, and his performance was as good as I have seen at the Crewe games I have attended this season.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Sat 15th - Tue 18th FEB 2020
« on: Thu 13 Feb 2020 14:37 »
   He appears to be getting some good appointments, so lets hope the game goes well for him ,both teams will try to play football and it should be a good game, with several ex Crewe players in the Plymouth squad.

I am sure he wont be as bad Antony Coggins who refereed at Crewe on Tuesday night, in which he gave a very poor performance, he did book 5 players, but the worse tackle of the match made on a Crewe player in front of both the Assistant and 4th official  was a two footed tackle for which he only admonished the player, with neither helping the referee. He seemed to lack confidence and appeared that on this performance he was not good enough to referee at EFL Level.

Football League - L1 & L2 / Re: Fri 7th - Tue 11th FEB 2020
« on: Sun 09 Feb 2020 11:46 »
Thomas Bramall back in action, I wish him well. I hope to run my eye over Sam Purkiss for the first time at Crewe on Saturday.

Was not over impressed with Sam Purkiss at Crewe yesterday, never really showed any real authority, with the Oldham players when they questioned his decisions, throughout the game, and gave some strange decisions against both teams. He did allow 7 added minutes for all the time wasting Oldham did and it cost them in the end.

Very interesting set of appointments:

Robinson, Jones, England and Gillett all get games at PL grounds and opportunities to practice using VAR. Surely a sign that these 4 gents are considered as the next SG1 officials. Indeed, with VAR likely to stay, 4 promotions would be a decent number to help relieve the pressure on an overstretched SG1. I would expect England and Gillett to get a PL match early in the new year. Indeed, I hope Mike Riley continues to utilise these officials in the PL. Jones certainly deserves another game after a decent performance this weekend.

The TV games show a decent spread of appointments. Madley and Coote both get the chance to show off their shiny new white badges on BT. Moss was certainly not who I would ever have expected to get this particular match but I hope all goes well for him!

As for NL representatives in this round, John Busby gets another decent game and Marc Edwards has got to be the shock of the round. A first year ref getting a 3rd round middle is unheard of. Surely a sign that he has settled to life well in the EFL (not that Im surprised having ran the line to him on a number of occasions - top ref and top bloke!)

Saw John Busby at Crewe on News year day, missed two blatant elbows to the face, and didn't really inspire confidence missed numerous fouls during the game, so surprised to see he has a 3rd round cup appointment.

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